The Site

The 18AndAbused is not a softcore porn site, you can count on that. This website is a truly hardcore one, with a compilation of porn you will truly enjoy to watch. As a member of the 18AndAbused, you are going to find some cute girls going through some hard drilling, while they also do some bad things with their bodies, such as getting two cocks in their butthole, or having to endure as a guy, who is much older, take advantage of them (staged porn, of course). You will find out soon enough that these porn videos are not easy to watch, but as usual, we are certain you already knew that. So, what can our 18AndAbused review tell you? The 18AndAbuses shares the large selection of the VideosZ with you, and apart from the themed porn the site enlists, you get to watch some other juicy stuff too.

Those who are looking for a fun and hardcore entertainment shouldn’t look further. The 18AndAbused is one of the largest network sites of the VideosZ, with more than 1600 hand-picked titles. All porn scenes you can find on this site originates from their respective DVDs, and these are all made to entertain the horny viewers. Naturally, there is always more, and as a member of the 18AndAbused, you can feel that you are in the holy heaven of porn. The VideosZ has been gathering hardcore DVD titles for more than ten years now, and there are hardly any – humanly possible and accepted – niches that are not featured in one or two scenes.

Site Features

The 18AndAbused has a dark color-themed porn site, which somewhat reflects the nature of this content. You can explore part of the collection represented by those thumbnails, but we are quite sure that you will want to get in instead. And that’s exactly what you have to do! The VideosZ members’ area is where you land after signing up, which means you can take advantage of the semi-advanced navigation tools. Some basic features like models’ database, a search engine, and keyword tags are provided, along with several extra options for sorting the videos when you list them.

The main menu is a fine place to start your search from. From the menu, you can list the videos by DVDs, you can enter the models’ list, view the network sites, and there are a few other options. In case you choose to pick a wider category, you can always refine the lists by picking another category from the left menu. As far as downloads go, you will find MP4 files to save, nowadays offering HD option too, while there is always the option to watch the videos in the browser. Mobile access and even Roku access is provided too.

The Content

The 18AndAbused has dozens of hot chicks, who seem to enjoy getting some harder sexual action than what they are used to get. These scenes all cover at least one kinky niche, whether it’s a fantasy, a situation or an actual pornographic category. There are only a few things common in these shots: the girls! These semi-professional, and sometimes professional models really know how to handle their partners’ cock, but in this case, they will get just a bit too much of action…and they won’t regain control at all. All major ethnicity is present, and as you are going to see, the models come from all around the world.

There are cute European chicks, but not just the “boring” Russians the Internet is full of – no, there are Slovakians, Hungarians, French, German, British, Polish and Czech girls too, bringing their country’s unique spice to these porn videos. We have seen a lot Japanese porn videos too, but we weren’t surprised, they are masters of nasty porn. As you might expect, there are quite many US girls too, they are your regular hot girls-next-door. Since the site has a defined preference, the girls usually have their body intact, there are neither modifications nor enhancement on their body.

In most cases, the porn scenes you can find on the 18AndAbused, or actually on the VideosZ are not longer than 20 minutes, and it’s quite rare for a flick to go on for a longer time. However, the scenes still grant you full round sexual engagement between the parties, some even have a story to tell. Actually, most scenes have a story, but the strength of these story lines is what matters: a part of the collection stays loyal to it, while other just have featured in a few sentences and get to the hardcore part.

We have to tell you something, though: these porn videos are not easy to take in, and though a lot of them are rather mainstream, the major part of this compilation is nasty. For example, there is age gap porn, that probably turns on some guys, but it’s usually the old guy banging the fresh chick. In case you are interested in anal sex, you might like to watch the monster-cock anal penetration scenes, and if you can take in more, then the double anal penetration shots might interest you too. There are gangbangs and squirting sessions too, along with other nasty things.

Quick Resume

The 18AndAbuse has over 1600 hardcore videos listed under its name. That alone is a quite handsome number, and it would make it recommended even if it was a standalone portal. The guys picking the videos for the site are doing a nice job, and you really get what you are looking for on portals like this. You can consider the additional 100,000 scenes as a bonus, which makes the deal you make by joining much more formidable.

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