His Mommy

His Mommy

The Site

It is normal for mothers to befriend their son’s girlfriends. In most cases they want to know the girl better i.e. if they are a good match for their precious sons. Well in this website, mothers befriend these girls for other sexual reasons only known to them. In every scene the son walks in on the mum and the girlfriend doing sexual acts and the shock on his face is evident. The site is all about lesbian fun between mothers and their son’s girlfriends.

Site Feature

Hismommy.com is a branch website of the helpmywife.com network. The site originates from Eastern Europe. Well, I did not expect the homepage to be that steamy and erotic. There are images of mothers exploring the girls’ pussies with their fingers or toys and in some cases you get to see the astonished faces of their son. These images are set on a grayish background. The writings on the site have an eye catchy font with bright colors. Going through the site is very simple and easy. There are some videos on the main homepage and an icon of accessing more videos. The arrangement of materials and icons on the homepage is in order and it adds an aesthetic value to it. However, it could have been much better if the website had search engines to make navigation even much faster. At hismommy.com, they value quality and not quantity. One can even access the website using a smart led TV. Also, smart phones, tablets mobile phones and personal computers.

The Content

The models are both mature and amateur. These milfs are sexy and horny as fuck. They got these killer bodies to die for and seeing them naked will just make your wily throb and respond ASAP. There are 15 plus scenes on the site each running for approximately 25 minutes each. This is a very new website hence the limited number of videos. They are shot with HD cameras hence excellent clarity. The videos all come with a HD download option. They can also be streamed and watched online in an embedded flash player. The videos are shot well and they appear so real. They don’t look scripted. There are approximately 15 plus galleries with an average of 350 pictures each. The images are of high resolution and are of very good quality. They can be downloaded in zip files. All of these content is 100% exclusive meaning it is not available on other websites. Updates are uploaded once a month. Hence one has a lot of time before new content is made available. This is where the other 2 bonus networks come in. Once you subscribe at hismommy.com, you are eligible to access two other sites namely, helpmywife.com and mysonsgf.com. All of the scenes are spectacular but this video caught my attention. Mother, son and the girlfriend were cooking in the kitchen but they ran out of one ingredient. The son had to rush to the store to get it. That’s when the mommy got a chance to play with the gf. She started touching the gf inappropriately but she did not resist. In the video, the 2 women are giving each other head and fucking their pussies with toys. After some few minutes they are busted by the son who looks so angry and shocked.

Quick Resume

If you are into this kind of material, then you are at home. There are no many sites offering such hence I would highly recommend you to subscribe to the site. In addition you get to access two other similar sites with the same type of content.

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