Amateur Boyfriend

Amateur Boyfriend

The Site

Amateurboyfriend is an adult website that tracks most of the pornographic materials uploaded on other platforms such as social media or other websites before they are pulled down so as to get material for their website. Hence most of their material is homemade. Amateurboyfriend selects these videos and photos and picks the best from the collection obtained. The models found on the website are very sexy and an instant turn on. Also, after signing up for membership one is eligible to access a hundred other networks.

Site Features

I highly recommend the webmaster who was responsible for the construction of amateurboyfriends. He did such a great job. The general website layout is very eye catchy and appealing. On the homepage, there are explicit images of studs jerking of their dicks or them showing off their butts. These images are laid out on a gold colour background. Also, the writings on the home page are written in very attractive colours adding the sites aesthetic value. At the top of the homepage, there are five main menus namely, home, more bf videos, submit your stuff, members and instant access. These icons make navigating around the site very simple and easy. However, after clicking on the members icon i was redirected to a totally different page called kitty get fun which does not even contain gay porn. Also, the only people who can access more videos are members only but after putting my personal details i was able to access the members page which looks quite similar to the home page. The site is mobile friendly and can be accessed via mobile phones. I was able to access the site through my smart phone and i managed to download a few videos and photos.

The Content

The site has really hot and horny studs. Most of them are between the ages of 19-60 years. There are around 168 plus videos on the site. Most of these videos are of poor quality and whether you download them in mp4 or wmv formats or whether you play back right n the site using embedded flash, they are still blurry and pixellated. I did not manage to get any HD videos. The site claims they upload 3 times a month but its not easy to determine since the videos and photos are not dated. In addition, there are 72 sets of photos. Their quality is also not very impressive. These photos can be downloaded on zip files . I managed to download one video and the creativity on it was on another level. It had a role play of a boss and an intern. The boss was all business dresses in a grey suit all masculine and athletic. The intern on the other hand was very girly in very coloured outfits. The boss ordered for coffee in his office from the intern and he was caught by the inetern checking out his ass. Thats when the intern had the guts to approach him and he walked towards him and knelt just a few minutes from hi throbbing cock. He started caressing his boss and the next minute all the documents on the desk were on the floor. The boss banged the intern on his desk right there.

Quick Resume

The website isn’t updated and you can find the best gay porn sites on our review list.