Avy Scott

Avy Scott

The Site

Once you start going to porn sites, you will see a lot of good things, but likewise, you will also see a lot of bad ones. The stuff that is great, is easily recognizable, though, thanks to a good design, firstly, and then to the content itself. Though, with some luck by your side, you might also stumble upon Avy Scott, whose website has the same name, and you can enjoy hardcore sex the way it is meant to be, done by women who know what they are doing.

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Site Features

This site is very pretty on the eyes, and it looks like an amazing one, as you can tell just by the home page. It is by no means full of eye candy, only the essential stuff every porn lover would like to see before diving in the content itself. The essential stuff is, of course, a lot of preview, this time images, though one is a video, and menu buttons which take you to the sections that you want to see, the photos, the videos, and the bonus content. Before registering, you have the button for joining, though that one goes away after becoming a member. Doing so grants you perks, ones that you can enjoy at any time. With the sorting options and the search bar, getting to the videos is as easy as clicking two or three buttons. With such good optimization, you can expect a few more things, and one of them is the absolute lack of lag. That is great, especially when you get to open many videos at once. What I also came to enjoy is the optimization for the mobile devices, as you get to surf at any place.

The Content

The technical options make the site really a pleasant thing to browse, and when you get to the content, you are in such a relaxed state, that seeing the videos becomes pleasure embodied. Avy Scott is a beautiful woman, she has blue eyes and a very tight body, big boobs that can bring pleasure to all, and a lust for sex that is rarely sated completely. With her experience and age, she gets to overwhelm you with passion and pure hardcore fucking, but she is not of that age where her body gets visibly older, so she still looks like a woman in her mid twenties. Joined by other girls for some lesbian fun, she knows how to lick their clits and have her own licked. The guys also love fucking with her, both the black ones and the white ones, eagerly going into her pussy and ravaging it. She also does take the dicks in her ass, from time to time. Of course, she would grant the guys a nice blowjob, and get herself a mouthful of cum. What I also came to enjoy, is the fact that the videos are in HD, at least, and that you can enjoy a high quality of image, frequently updated, to be sincere, daily. The videos and photos are all downloadable, to your pleasure. With so many things to see, you might want to know that there is more, which you can easily access by joining, which are 40 or more sites, all there for your pleasure, and all of their content is downloadable, too.

Quick Resume

With so many things that you get for the price of one, you can certainly say that Avy Scott is a generous woman, one that will easily get you a lot of content, and content of the highest quality, for such a cheap price that you will most likely be completely occupied with it, for a long time.

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