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There are two different kinds of relationship, the first one is the stable relationship and the one that fails. Most failed relationship has one particular common denominator in this is selfishness. If someone broke your heart, you might want to look back at the past. Thanks to the technology, a person can record the good things about such a relationship. But what if these good things from the past are shown to the world and their privacy exposed? This is how BadExGFs do the business in the porn filming online industry. The site is on the role of exposing hardcore sex by real individuals and real amateur homemade videos.

Site Features

If you have been invited by your neighbors to have a break for a while in their backyard or front yard, then grilling some barbecues or hamburgers and beers are the stuff to expect. But, the BadExGFs restores my perception that there is always something going on behind their walls. Behind those walls are the things you want to watch over and over again that will certainly catch your attention compared to your television screens. Even though that all of the videos are amateurs, I could say that the site gives what’s my money’s worth. Why did you ask? Because of the fact that the site provides over than 7,000 of amateur videos and counting. As for now, there are over than 7375 videos available about 5 to 10 minutes each. These videos can be watched in streaming or downloaded by using embedded format files including WMV for quality, MP4, and Flash for quick download or streaming. I guess the number of videos proved that failed relationship is truly inevitable.

Anyways, the site also includes over than 10,000 galleries with 20 images, each ready for download as zip files. In here, you will see lots and lots of sluts in action, such as flirting with the camera, blowjobs, ass fuck, masturbation, the doggy at the street, jerking off at the public bench and much more hardcore actions. If someone broke your heart, the site knows how you feel and encourages you to have your sweet revenge to your ex-girlfriend. The best way to do that is to show to the whole world and his current boyfriend what you did to her. It’s fun, exciting and awesome! When it comes to the design, first, I was overwhelmed about so many videos available on the homepage. There are several videos that you can choose from, which seems to be difficult for me where should I start.

From the homepage, it tells exactly the things you should expect as you explore around the site. The videos are presented in thumbnails which make my exploration smooth and easy. A navigation bar is also included that features bookmark, submit your video page, photo, videos and membership log. What really impresses me much is the site includes an online live poll, which features the numbers of videos uploaded, numbers of ex-girlfriends photos, and how many members were pissed off after seeing their current girlfriend banged with some dudes. As for the members, you’ll get faster download speed and watch them online. It also includes 24/7 customer service with daily updates. You should not worry about your fee since it will be considered as anonymous billing.

The Content

The qualities of the videos will vary depending on the video format you are going to use. Some videos are in good shape while others are somewhat average. It only verifies one thing and that is; all the videos are pretty much authentic. You will see real girls, getting fucked by their ex-boyfriends and not models or porn stars. The coolest feature I’ve found is that BadExGFs features many brunette hotties, several blonde beauties, and few red hair goddesses. Moreover, most of them are just in the process of maturing stage. See them being fucked by their ex-boyfriends as the squeal, scream, and squirt. You can learn about these many gorgeous ex-girlfriends as you log in to the site. Feel free to witness the jaw-dropping ass of Maggie, the round boobies by Samantha, big titties of Ann and see the cunning and beautiful Crystal as she get fucked for the first time in her ass.

I noticed that most of these ex-girlfriends are ready as ever when it comes to lovemaking. I concluded that several ex-girlfriends are naturally prepared because most of them shaved their beavers. They got cute asses, nice titties, and I can almost smell those sexy beautiful armpits from here. I really love watching a particular video posted by the name of Jackson. His ex-girlfriend is extremely hot and I like that piercing on her nose. She has a nice body, smooth skin and the best of all her pinkish nipples. The girl will pose and flirt on the camera. She will take off her shirt and begins to touch her body from her boobs down to her pussy. The next thing you know is that the dude, (probably Jackson) jumps quickly on the bed and show off his cock. His ex-girlfriend will start to swallow, suck and lick his dick off nice, smooth, and easy. The dude eventually bangs her ex-girlfriend, fuck her ass, and do the doggie. I just don’t get it, why the dude allows this girl to break up with him? But anyway, at least, I saw the action.

Quick Resume

For dudes who want to watch the non-stop amateur porn action at night, this site will make your dreams come true. With the overwhelming numbers of videos and photos, I think that this is enough to satisfy your lusty cravings. If you want to have some sweet revenge over your ex-girlfriend or you just want to see some amateur videos, this is the best site for you. But, keep in mind to prepare yourself for your current girlfriend could be here also. Best of luck!

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