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Beaver Hunt

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If you are looking for a place where you can find videos of girls who have to audition for porn roles, or girls sending in their nudes to land a slutty role in front of the camera, there are a few places for you to check out in the Internet. These kinds of things were quite very rare back in the days but as we roll into a new generation, we are blessed to have sites catering to these sorts of things. With the Internet overpowering other means and ways of porn watching, it is no wonder that most mega-companies and corporations that belong to the industry, prefer putting their stuff online compared to other ways. People are so hooked to the Internet that they would prefer virtually watching girls fuck and get fucked.

Gone are the days that we step out the comfort of our homes and into happy ending clubs and the likes. During these moments, our best friend is not the guy we have known since kindergarten, it is now our right hand (or left hand, for some) and boy does like to stroke every single time we see a naked woman in front, even if she is on the other side of the screen. Imperfect people as we are, we always prefer going for sites that are particularly very good looking and particularly has very good quality – because why not? If you are the type who is looking for both quality and quantity, then you will love Hustler Magazine’s BeaverHunt.

With the quality they have despite having tons of content on the site, they still managed to keep up with the HD features and even though they did have older videos that looks like they have lower qualities, but still pretty decent. BeaverHunt has been around since 2002 so they have managed to bring up a higher content number with fairly great productions and such. Their take on amateurs auditioning is quite a rare feat and I am basically glad they took up that sort of theme. That aside, I am sure you would love to keep up with these ladies and their antics and would not mind the mixes of genres and niches they covered. They do tend to focus more on the amateur side of things with a lot of intense scenes for these ladies.

Site Features

BeaverHunt is home to a lot of videos and photos that exhaust fun and pleasure together so you best be expecting that their website design is something that will relate to that sort of genre and niche. Before anything else, a premium membership is required before any access could be done in the site. A trial version is also available for those of you who seem to have not made up their mind about getting a premium one or not – which is really out of question because who would not want to get in this site’s pants in the first place?

Moving on, once you have access, you will immediately notice how entertaining and convivial the design and the overall persona of the site are. BeaverHunt has a pretty outgoing and fun theme going around so it is only right to put up an equal caliber arrangement and composition. The navigation seems pretty satisfying and excellent, with it being user-friendly and just really simple in general. On the top part of the site, you will find links that will lead you to where the movies are, where the scenes are located, where the photo sets are placed, what other porn sites come along with your membership, the model index, and the many other things that you can access with your membership.

Further more, you will notice how everything is kept neat and orderly in the site. The site seems to be updating every now and then, not only in terms of videos and photos but in other aspects of the site, as well. Good for them actually, because maintaining a site that has a high quantity number seems tough enough. With how the site was built and how it is building up, up to now, there are so many things to do and explore around here. You may comment on scenes, you can rate them as you please, with one star or five stars, you can also add them to your favorites for future use, you can view the model index where you will find rows and rows of your favorite girls and read their biographies, and watch their nude photos. From the model index, you can access all the videos where each and every single one of these ladies has starred in. Also remember that with your membership, you can have access to other porn sites for free, that is under the Hustler network. It may not be everything in the network but there is a huge portion of it included so that is awesome in a sense.

The Content

With the niche focused primarily on amateur girls, soft-core porn, and hardcore porn, you can expect a flurry and flood of ladies in huge variations. There could be a repetition of girls in most scenes but often times; these are generally different individuals starring in almost around 900 videos packed with hardcore and soft-core porn, combined even, at times. Not only do they have a whole collection of full-length movies, they have around 300 photo galleries up for grabs in zip files and can be viewed in a slideshow in your browser.

All scenes can be downloaded or streamed in your browser. Downloading them will give you the option of saving it in mp4 or windows format, with either a 1280 x 720 pixel resolution or a 970 x 540 pixel resolution. The same resolution applies to streaming it online, but you will need an updated Flash player for that.

Quick Resume

Overall, BeaverHunt is something that has a chock full of potential and has room for even more positive improvements. The site design and navigation is great, the quality is obviously very satisfactory despite the high content count, and everything on the site is greatly accounted for.

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