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On the BonkMyAsian you are going to find a selection of some hot, hardcore, seemingly amateur porn videos. This tube site says it has homemade porn for your entertainment, and it also claims to have a regular update schedule in effect. These claims or promises are all nice and well, however, it’s our duty to have doubts and inspect all sites carefully in order to help you make the best choice. The BonkMyAsian has been online since 2010, and it was updating for a time, then after gathering a few hundred videos it stopped. The BonkyMyAsian, however, is still a good site, and we are certain that it will prove to be an interesting and entertaining addition to your collection.

Though we don’t believe all the claims, and the videos’ numbers are not exactly on the high end, there is one feature that makes this portal exciting: the varied Asian ethnicities and the real home-made nature of most of these videos. There are, of course, reality porn shots and they are so well-made, you won’t be able to tell them from the amateur shots. The BonkMyAsian grants you a network access too. The sites included are also “bonk” sites, most of them are Asian sites (like BonkMyChinese or BonkMyJapanese) which have the same content you can find on the BonkMyAsian.

However, there are other sites too: the BonkMyLatina features cute, seemingly amateur Latina girls in hardcore action. The BonkyMyEbony has some pretty hot Black girls, also from the amateur arena, doing a nasty thing with each other and with their mate. There are three sites featuring Caucasians, the BonkMyBustyGF, the BonkMyTeenGF and the BonkMyGF – though the latest has almost all of the other two sites’ videos. Since the whole network is about amateur porn, and anyone could submit, the selection here is not exclusive… though it’s pretty hot.

Site Features

Naturally, the BonkMyAsian is loyal to its claims of being a tube site – at least as far as the tour page’s layout is concerned. You can’t perform any actual action during the tour: you could browse the first page, then go for the signup. Whatever you click on, it will take you to the join page, except for some links to official stuff at the bottom of the page. The members’ area is not tube-like at all: there is a menu and the list of the scenes. It’s all right as far as you don’t try to search since there is no search option.

You can only browse the content page after page, which may be boring after a few pages, but don’t worry, the hot content really worth the time. Only on the main network site (called BonkPass) could you access a search box. You have the option to play the scenes in your browser, using the simple, not too flashy Flash player. There are lots of nice quality shots (mostly the reality porn footages), and the overall playback is satisfactory. The photo galleries have photos looking a bit better than the videos, you should certainly check those too.

The Content

The BonkMyAsian claims to be an Asian porn tube with the hottest Asian cuties you could find online. Well, these claims are certainly met, because these girls are hot, sexy, and they really know how to do hard sex and make their man happy. Quite surprisingly, the girls here seem to be mostly cute Asian chicks who are coming from the amateur area, which makes them more desirable, and their man more enviable. Well, if we can’t get the pleasure of pleasing and having fun with them, at least we can watch their sexy, and usually hardcore videos. As far as we were able to decide, only part of the collection is actually amateur, most of the content comes from the professional arena, mostly from providers of reality porn.

But, fortunately, the variety here is really good: apart from the sometimes over-hyped Japanese girls, you will find videos with cute Philippinas, Vietnamese, and though it’s not exactly considered in porn as Asian, we have seen some Indian girls too. They are mostly naturals, only the Western girls have some upgrades here and there, so if your thing is a naturalist, then you are in a quite lucky position, and you should be glad that we brought this site to your attention. Apart from browsing through the list of videos and resting our eyes on these hot Asians, we played a lot of these scenes too, so we have the full idea of what you could expect.

We won’t go too much into details, if you are interested in the real stuff, you should join and explore for yourself. However, we can tell you a few things in advance. One of these things is the nature of the videos: you can enjoy here some – we repeat: some – hardcore amateur porn, while most of the porn is in the reality porn category – they are made to look like amateur porn, but the sex is too intense, and there is no intimacy, only straight hard drilling. Another important matter is that the scenes here are not of the best quality. They are good, that’s true, but they are not the Full-HD or 4K shots you may found on the big shot porn sites. Nonetheless, they are enjoyable, and you can see the action, so there is really nothing for you to worry about. If you don’t believe us, join and see for yourself!

Quick Resume

Yes, the BonkMyAsian is an interesting porn site, and yes, it has some hot content. However, the site by its own wouldn’t make it to our recommendations’ list. Actually, the network content is what turns the site to be an actually good deal: though it seems that the main focus is on Asians, there are Black, Latina, Indian and Caucasian girls here who really worth watching in sexually explicit videos and on those nice photos. So, bottom line: join the BonkMyAsian if you like to watch Asians in uncensored hardcore porn videos!

This website does not exist anymore, have a look at this great Asian porn sites selection.

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