The Site

BrutalCbt has the hottest fetish hardcore videos online. They offer the most amazing mistresses in intense domination and cbt scenes. They use a lot of ropes, wax, clamps and whips to shame all the wimpy men that cross their paths. The main goal is to get complete obedience by any necessary means.

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Site Features

The website has been around for a few years and you can tell immediately by the somewhat dated design. There aren’t any drop down menus and advanced filtering options or tabs that can sort the content for you. A search box can be used to display the scenes most suited for you, if enough keywords are typed in. Since the website is aimed at diehard femdom fans, I’m sure no one has any problems coming up with tags relevant to the genre. Many of the scenes already have some preview photos and a few keywords attached to them so, before you use the search box you, can take some inspiration from what’s already been posted. The mistresses don’t have very detailed profile pages.

Three subscription plans of one month, three months and six months are made available by BrutalCbt. These all come with access to all the content, from the oldest video to the newest one. As a member you will also benefit from 24/7 support, unlimited downloads and 25 bonus sites that tailor to similar fetishes. Some offer similar hardcore quality content while others can be a bit tamed and more appealing to the general public. Either way, there is a lot of ball busting and cbt stuff to see. Because the site also has a very simple layout you’ll find that it’s easy to browse it from your phone or tablet. They offer great support across multiple operating systems and devices.

The Content

It takes a certain type of woman to fully subjugate a man, even if he is a pansy. This is why most mistresses you will see are strong women with pronounced features and a very bossy attitude. There are some that are quite muscular and they already embarrass the men by being physically superior. Then you’ll run into the occasional fresh-looking hottie. You’d be surprised at how well these slim, tight dommes can tie a guy up and kick him in the balls while laughing. In some scenes, you will also see mistresses that wear latex or leather masks. I don’t think they have something to hide, it’s probably just part of the fantasy. All in all, you have plenty of experienced women ballbusting guys, alone and sometimes ganging up on them for some extra levels of shame.

The newer videos are released in full HD. They have loads of content available and whatever was uploaded years ago is at a lower quality. It’s still above average, just not up to industry standards today. At least you get to enjoy 40+ minute long videos of hardcore action from multiple angles. Nothing gets lost during shooting and there are also some picture galleries available that capture the best highlights. I’m sure in the future some of the old videos will be added again with better resolutions. Until then, you can enjoy the frequent HD updates.

Quick Resume

The website is definitely a must have for hardcore cbt fans. You have fierce mistresses using loads of instruments to shame men in 40 minute long sessions. You also get access to 25 more sites in the same femdom genre and you have full support and easy navigation for mobile devices. I doubt it can get any better than this.

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