The Site

On review is the official site of the American most famous man with a pussy, Buck Angel, who features in different kinky sex scenes. If you think that his content is only gay, then you may be wrong as Buck Angel happens to be transgender, who enjoys having his pussy fucked and licked, by both men and women.

Site Features

Just as expected, Buck Angel’s site is created to serve members and visitors in a very satisfying manner as you can easily access the site through its link. As a non-member here, you can go as far as the tour area, where the site showcases a few of its contents and directs you on how to become a member here. After joining, you can easily access the members’ area by logging in through a drop-down menu on this page. You can choose to always log in automatically, the next time you use the same device, to access this site without wandering around the tour area.

The members’ area is a direct replica of the tour area where the content here is professionally arranged without any ads to destruct you from your mission here. This ensures that you can easily navigate around the site since the design used will seem familiar as a result of the free tour in the tour area. The site also shows you the recent updates, together with their corresponding dates of update and allows you to put your favorite videos on one folder. I like the fact that this site also has a models area where the models are arranged in a very admirable manner.

The Content

With Buck Angel’s site having featured about 41 male and female models, it is hard to classify this content as either gay or straight due to his nature. However, labels are not very important when the content seems very entertaining and definitely very hot to watch. All the artists here are definitely very mature and they look like they are semi-pros while Buck Angel is a pro porn performer as can be seen in the videos here. You will then find about 111 high-quality videos and photo sets, with more than 5500 photos in total.

The photos here are digital in a good amateur quality though the photographer seems to be really promising since they have no color or lighting issues. The digital photos have dimensions, going up to 1125×1500 pixels, even though this depends on the photo set from which a photo is taken from. Accessing them is also very easy since the site offers a hands-free slideshow, and you can also download the photos as individual JPG files or in zipped. On the other hand, I liked watching the videos here, which have quite a great use of condoms and the picture quality is very nice.

If you just want to view the videos on this site, you can find the videos in stream-able MP4 files, with average dimensions of 720×406 pixels. You will enjoy a smooth playback and you can also be able to enlarge them to full screen just like downloads. If you are a download guy, you do so where the videos are available in full HD version with dimensions of up to 1980×1080 pixels.

Quick Resume

Buck himself is a well built energetic man, with a touch of a woman and is sexually open. His site is a site worthy of a membership if you like to watch something really hot and out of the ordinary, as the content here is creative and fully exclusive.

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