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One of the top hot celebrity porn sites, CelebsUncensored has the largest collection of videos and photo galleries with famous women we all know and love, topless, fully nude or actually getting screwed by their partners in the privacy of their homes. You will be able to see some of hottest movie stars, sports figures and singers like you’ve always dreamed of seeing.

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Site Features

There are so many filters and tags you can apply to your searches that it’s almost impossible not the get 100% accuracy on your results. With over 2000 videos and over 20,000 photos, extra care was given to the browsing experience. It is designed to be quick but also user-friendly. You can sort stuff by photos and videos. After that you can refine your searches by using tags involving sex acts or names. You can also display the most popular content or the most recently added. It sounds like overkill but it’s really not that complicated. It’s usually better to have more options than no options so just enjoy here what you can’t anywhere else.

Members can vote for their favorite scenes or galleries and they can also mark favorites for easier access in future visits. Since not everyone wants to store porn on their personal hard drives, having this favorites feature is really something special. For just 30 days or 90 days you can get full access to all the content. You can also choose to do a trial run for one day but let’s face it, with so much stuff to see, you’ll just be back wanting more the next day. A couple of extra bonus sites also become available to members for even more celebrity nude content, including a site dedicated to male celebs. I don’t necessarily think it has any gay stuff from straight dudes but it is aimed at the female and/or gay fan base for sure.

The Content

Apart from some of the most famous sex tapes ever made like Pam and Tommy Lee’s or Paris Hilton’s “a Night in Paris”, there are plenty more hot celebs with blowjob vids and some more hardcore action. There are a few cumshot videos too. Alyson Hannigan’s comes to mind immediately. The photos contain stuff as mild as a nip slip or camel toe shot to full vacation nudes of stars like Megan Fox or Olivia Moon’s blowjob picture. Maybe there’s some stuff you’ve seen countless times but there is a lot of exclusive content not available anywhere else. Porn is easy to rip off from sites but when it comes to celeb nudes, no many have the balls to be in the business.

Most of the videos are in good quality but there are some exceptions. Some of the older uploads that were filmed with old technology can’t be helped so unless those celebs decide do entertain us with their nakedness using a HD phone cam, this will have to do for now. The photos also look pretty good but some of them, usually those taken by paparazzi, are taken from a distance. You can still tell what celeb is being shown because nothing gets posted unless identities can be verified down to the tiniest details.

Quick Resume

It’s awesome to see that no fakes slip through the cracks and that despite the current paranoia involving cloud accounts and angry exes, the website still manages to upload new stuff on a consistent basis. I had a great browsing experience and the advanced search options really helped me to get exactly what I needed.

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