The Site

CollegeBfs Exposed is a gay porn site that features dudes in gay scenes. These scenes are typical school-activity and sex adventure videos that expose what transpires between horny boys when the sexual temperatures reach fever peak. There are several videos that show you white and black dudes as they suck each other’s cocks in erotic fashion until they extract lots of cum

Site Features

You are treated to a range of gay scenes on this site. Mobile phone users can access the content with ease. The alternative browsing tools helped me to check out the content available within a short period of time. There is a clearly outlined categories list that offers the visitor a chance to quickly catch a glimpse of what really transpires beneath. There are tagged captions of actual scenes too. Clicking on any of these captions leads you straight to the actual videos. Although there is no search tool, navigation was a blissful experience for me. Users are allowed to stream the videos using the MP4 player. Although I could not sample any still photos, there are several vidcaps to enjoy. I loved the fact that I could download the content as much as I wanted after I subscribed to one to their plans. I could also check out the content on the site from my mobile phone wherever I was. The loading was impressive. The content on the site is mixed. There is a good number of exclusive videos that you can only access with your subscription to this site. If you love bonuses on your subscription, I guess this is one of the areas that the site has excelled. There are over 20 sites that you can access as a bonus with your primary subscription to CollegeBfs Exposed. I loved the way the content on such sites as Thug Bfs, Dude Dare, Fem Updates and Thugs Exposed complement the content on CollegeBfs Exposed. The sites come alive as they are the perfect choice. The content you get is very similar to what you access on the primary site; yet different in casting and picture storylines.

The Content

If there is something that you are really going to notice with pleasure about this site, it is their choice of absolutely handsome dudes. The boys are conspicuously horny and they do not hide it. I love the way the dudes get down to unzip their friends, and seek to taste their cocks with their tongues. The boys are clearly aroused by the feel of each other’s lips around their penises. I loved he bareback scenes in which some of the hunks give in to the sex encounters and cry for more and more as their mates fuck them hard in their assholes. There is plenty of romance that leads to cum splashing all over the place. There are masturbation scenes in which the dudes can be seen giving hand jobs, blowjobs and deep throat sucking. Some scenes feature the boys in group orgies that result in loud moans of hardcore anal jobs and fisting. The site offers over 5 videos that can play for 5 minutes in playback. There is no download limit for members. I had a chance to view some full length videos. The only downside is that lots of these videos do not come with sufficient background information. The videos are made in MP4 format. If you have a thing for galleries or still photos, I might disappoint you that there are no galleries or still photos to sample. You have some, equally great vidcaps though. In fact, there are some random pics that I cannot really promise or guarantee that you will necessarily view when you visit; because I suspect you might want to.

Quick Resume

If you have a craving for exclusive content that features young college hunks in naughty gay action, I guess you will love this site; quite al lot. There is some great quality videos featured too. College Bfs Exposed will let you in on a few college secrets.

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