Compton Booty

Compton Booty

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Comptonbooty is a great porn website focused on anal sex with black girls from the Compton area. The girls are all gorgeous and the guys doing it with them are also black. The ass is in the center of attention in these awesome sex scenes and the women here can surely take a huge pounding in the butt.

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Site Features

The mobile version of the website is the first sight of comptonbooty I got. This version is especially made to fit the screen of a smartphone so it got me interested in seeing more of these brilliant videos of Compton girls having anal sex. The web version is even better as it loads quickly and shows you a great collection of beautiful videos through preview photos. The photos seem randomly arranged but a more thorough look showed me that the better videos are in emphasis while the ones that most members likes less have not as big video previews on the home page. Each video comes with a short description of what happens in the video with white letters. There is also a list of the stars that act in each movie under the previews along with a statement of how long the video is. For non-members you can get a glimpse of what comptonbooty is all about by watching a 1 minute and 29 seconds preview that shows some scenes from their videos. This way you will know what you are paying for before subscribing.

The Content

The women on Comptonbooty are all beautiful and clean. If you would see any of them in public you would think they were nice black girls, with good manners and gorgeous bodies. You would surely turn your head to look at their asses if they would walk by you. On Comptonbooty you will actually be able to see those butts naked, while being pounded with more power than you thought they could take. I was amazed by how much anal sex there is on comptonbooty. The girls clearly enjoy it as they scream with pleasure every time those huge black dicks go in and out of them. The videos here are between 20 and 30 minutes long so you have some content to watch but the streaming option works quite well so you can skip the boring parts easily and go directly to the hot anal action. The quality of the movies is great as most filming is made in high definition and both the actors and the videos seem professional. You will therefore find a high quality website on comptonbooty with almost no amateur content but lots of perfect videos. If you are into anal black sex this is the best site ever. The condoms are probably too expensive in Compton to be used. In all the videos I saw there was no condom used even though anal sex was involved so these girls really feel the skin of those black dicks in their asses so that`s why they enjoy it so much. The women are less than 30 years old and they are all from Compton, US. There is something about US black girls that makes them be extremely naughty. They seem the kind of girls that are well-dressed and polite in real life while being sex machines in bed. There is nothing they won`t do from cumshots to ass to mouth scenes and they clearly do it for the camera and love it. Memberships are cheap and there are 3 types of subscriptions you can pay for. There is the classic 3 months membership that every porn website on the internet has along with the 1 month subscription but there is also a 5 days demo you can try that is almost free.

Quick Resume

Being a member on Comptonbooty means seeing tons of great videos of black women getting anally pounded by black Compton men. The women are all gorgeous, with perfect skin. They are clean and clearly love doing hardcore sex in front of the camera so sit back and enjoy these booties.

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