Czech Gay Fantasy

Czech Gay Fantasy

The Site

The CzechGayFantasy is a fine site with gay hardcore videos. It has a compilation of gay sex scenes, coming straight from the Czech Republic, featuring some of the hottest guys out there. With great quality videos, nasty sex and lots of extras, the CzechGayFantasy is a high-ranking HD gay porn website. A neat network of porn sites is included with the membership, and more are promised to come!

Site Features

The CzechGAV network is simple to understand: they provide their members with hard European gay porn, from the country that leaves a mark on online porn, the Czech Republic. The topic of this review, the CzechGayFantasy is quite fresh, although the network it belongs to launched back in 2014. You are going to see that the network expands, and there are more new sites added as time passes. We think, they won’t stop shooting their great porn until they catch up with the company’s straight network, which has 20+ series already.

As a member of CzechGayFantasy, you get access to some amateur porn, you can watch some neat casting shots, and you can live your dirty fantasies by watching the solarium and toilet hidden cam footages. On the Inside, a really simple porn site welcomes you. There are no complicated tools, you just have to click on the listed sites to see their content. The CzechGayFantasy has 1080p videos for you, so you can’t say a bad word about the quality. Unlimited downloading and unrestricted streaming are your options. Naturally, for the best playback quality, downloading is advised. The CzechGayFantasy is responsive and has a mobile version too, where you can browse the whole network easily.

The Content

There are bottoms and tops in the scenes of the CzechGayFantasy, though the bottom per capita rate is different: there are a few buttholes to fuck, a few mouths to “feed”, and a long line of horny dudes, waiting for their turn. Everyone is gay in that room, and everyone enjoys fucking or getting fucked. We believe that most guys are professionals, although there are way too much fresh cuties for the site to have only pros. Maybe a few amateurs and semi-pros also get what they need, although those who are behind the walls are professionals. You have to be a pro to stand the siege of so many, differently sized cock. This group of males seems to consist of all the guys the CzechGAV network has enlisted, and they are not afraid to use their skills.

You are not going to see too much of the guys, but the important parts are visible. For example, those who get fucked are fully naked, and if the “behind the wall” camera’s picture is cut into the video, you can watch them. Mostly twinks are there, by the way, but a few kinky, more experienced blokes are being butt-fucked too. We are positive, that you will like them. The other guys, who came for some fucking usually show their cocks only. Some of them get so horny they drop their shirts or their pants, and you could see their fine, mostly muscular bodies. As expected, most of them have a fine size of the cock, and almost every one of them is uncut.

On the CzechGayFantasy, the videos have no story. Basically, the situation is what makes the site intriguing. The flicks cover the glory hole theme, but in a special way. In the room where these videos are shot, there are different booths where hot guys are either are laying on a desk, with their belly facing down, or they are laying on their back, with hands and feet tied up. There are a few booths, where the lads are kneeling and offer their mouth and hands to make the client happy. As horny sluts they are, these boys don’t seem to have an issue with someone fucking their butthole like crazy, and cover them with cum. The long scenes of the CzechGayFantasy cover a group-based glory hole sex, and there is some kinky action taking place too.

For example, one of the more experienced bottoms like it rougher, and he gets his butthole fucked gaping wide. Then, there a few sweet twink boys who have smooth butts: they just make the invading cock’s owner want to spank it. Nice ass deserves a spanking, that’s a rule, man! The blowjob-boys are good too, they make their guest happy quickly. And then, there are guys who are there for those who love licking and fingering butt instead of invading it with their cock. These special buttholes are placed higher than the others, so they are usually in eye-height, so it’s easier to lick and finger (or even fist) them. There is a lot going on, and thanks to the clever editing, you get to see all the juicy action.

Quick Resume

When you open these hardcore videos, you are going to have access to the most wonderful guys you could imagine. Hot twinks and some older blokes are tied up and fucked crazy in the scenes of the CzechGayFantasy, and if you know what’s good, you are going to take a look on this site! We enjoyed the scenes while they last. Also, we are quite positive about the future of the site, and of the CzechGAV network: they seem to clone the straight network’s themes, so in the near future, more than 20 juicy and hardcore porn sites will be in the network. Until then, we advise that you take a look on the CzechGayFantasy and enjoy the great hardcore videos of it, and don’t forget to check on the network sites too.

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