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Czech Snooper

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I cannot really decide which of the many things out there make for a better porn movie, whether the amateurs who just fuck and tape themselves, or those who fuck and have no idea that they are being taped. My guess is the latter, especially because they have no clue that a camera is filming them, so they are more likely to be natural and raw. With that in mind, go and visit CzechSnooper, where voyeur dreams come true.

Site Features

This site has one of the simplest home pages out there, designed in a way that will be very supportive for you, the viewer. It does help, indeed, as there is no needless eye candy. Once you log on, you see a nice dark blue and gray background, upon which lies a sliding image, showing scenes from the videos, mostly the newest ones. Below are the previews, too, with summarizations written below the main picture, just to help you choose, and to get the idea to which extent the camera man is willing to go to get good shots. The site’s videos are in a ‘members only’ area, where you get to by joining. The site also allows you to surf as much as you like, and to switch videos in a second, because it has no lag and is very speedy. Along with sorting options and other kinds of helpful tools, you are quickly able to find the video you like, even on your mobile device, as the site is optimized, to help you surf from wherever you want.

The Content

This being a site dedicated to voyeurism, you can expect to see any kinds of girls and guys here. The only thing that the videos have in common is that the sex is absolutely real and very much sizzling. The hot action happens anywhere, from parks to trains and from concerts to back alleys. The content is filmed by a man willing to risk a lot to get these videos, and that makes it even more exciting, not to mention arousing, as the sex is real, and very hot. Seeing a girl in the park, getting down on her man, while other people are passing by, and not very far away, either, makes for a very hot and seductive scene, one that could get you to an orgasm in a moment. Going further down the road, or in this case, down the railroad, people tend to have sex in their coupes. Once that dude gets down on the girl and starts licking her pussy, while she is lying on her back, moaning out of pleasure, it is no wonder that people get attracted to the noise. And luckily for us, the camera man himself was there to capture the wild ride between the not so closed curtains. More videos like this await you on the site, along with some surprises. Since the camera man is vigilant about making quality videos, they are definitely nice on the eyes, of a high resolution, but that is not all, the site has regular, daily updates, too. Apart from that, you will be happy to hear that you get 30 sites for the price of one, upon joining.

Quick Resume

Witness people fucking in the strangest of places, mostly in public, where they think that they are safe from prying eyes. Luckily for us, someone is adventurous enough to find and capture all the kinky people out there and bring the videos online, just for our voyeur pleasure.

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