Czech Streets

Czech Streets


If you hope that the CzechStreets will help you navigate through the cities of the Czech Republic, you will feel somewhat disappointed by the actual content of the site. But, only a bit, because if you are just like almost all other men, you will take closer look, and notice, that it may not provide a map of Prague, but it offers you some juicy porn with hot amateur girls. The CzechStreets follows one of the mainstream topics of today’s online porn industry, the urban porn, mixed with amateur sex. The recipe is simple: the lad with the camera picks a girl in the streets, starts talking with her, and if she’s friendly, he takes action. The guy is loaded with cash, and he starts bargaining with the girls, first some flashing, touching, and as you may have already guessed, some actual sex. All chicks look pretty, and they seem to be real amateurs, though some of them perform like a pornstar and they got the looks too. The sex is varied, but don’t expect heavy hardcore porn, the girls are not that wild, but in some cases there is some kinky stuff happening, like in the scene where chick is playing with a vegetable she bought. There is an increasing amount of videos on the CzechStreets, and with the newest updates the quality also seems to increase, the guys behind the camera are not just loaded with cast, they have good equipment too. If you manage to get through the videos on this site, you can rest your eyes and exhaust your cock on the other pages of the CzechAV network, because the pass to the CzechStreets is a network-wide mega-pass to the whole collection. If you are interested in this kind of porn (you could call it street-porn), you should also check out the CzechExperiment and the hilarious yet hot CzechSharking sites.

Design & Features

It’s a kind of weird, that such a professional studio like the one behind the CzechAV sites has so simple sites. You would rightfully expect some complexity and hard-to-use menus, but luckily these folks are not fools. The CzechStreets’s tour gives you the opportunity to watch a really hot trailer video on the top of the videos’ list, and you can browse through the videos page by page. If you are tired of the complicated and banner-infested sites of the large network, you will feel totally relieved when you land on the members’ zone after registering. You can see a list of the network sites, and the rest is of the page lists the videos, sorted by recentness (newest scenes are listed first). Every scene here is available for online watching in the Flash-based embedded player that’s used to access the MP4 stream. The option for downloading the videos is also opened. You can choose between MP4 and Windows Video files. Where it is available, you may choose the HD Windows Video file to download, thus ensuring the best possible quality for your own CzechStreets compilation.

Girls & Videos

Everyone who is a real porn enthusiast, and have been watching porn for a long time, may already know that the Czech girls are very eager, gorgeous and always up for a good fuck. The guy who handles the camera and the girls knows that, and when he finds someone who seems to be good for his taste, he talks to her, and after some cheesy talk, he offers them money for sex. At first, it’s only a bit of softcore, flashing, breast touching are done to warm up, and to help the girl realize that this guy should help solve here money problems. Since everything is taking place on actual streets of the Czech Republic, they talk in their native language, and the site is professional, thus you get English subtitles for each video. It’s like bidding at an auction site, each piece of cash brings out more from the girls, and after they get the drift, the real action begins: they suck the cock of this lad, and let him do various things to them, thus the videos cover some hardcore niches, like public sex, anal sex, and there are even some vegetables taken out from the basket into the girl’s pussy. Each video ends with a creampie or a body shot, and both parties leave the scene satisfied: a good fuck and an exciting movie for the guy; and a month’s wage for the girl. The chicks are amateurs, and it seems that this site isn’t about faking: what happens is real, and the girls are also the kind that you walk by every day or meet at the store. The cuties are mostly naturals, and they get picked up at various places in varied situations. The main thing you need to know is that they are gorgeous European girls, and they just strengthen the opinion that the Czech are horny and amazing, and they have become a kind of fetishes. There are only Caucasian girls in the videos of the CzechStreets, but they are really varied; those who like brunettes, blondes and dark haired girls will find these chicks to be very beautiful. The guy himself isn’t ashamed about what he is doing, and though people usually don’t care about this, he is well-equipped with a cock that all girls might find satisfying. The collection of the CzechStreets grows regularly, so you will always find something new to watch.


The girls in the videos are all looking very good, and they are not just gorgeous, they are in fact pretty, with nice faces and cute smiles. They can turn on any men as soon as they appear on the scene. This kind of porn is really popular nowadays, but in difference with the other reality-porn sites, the scenes her are not totally staged and set up, and you can see that too, just pay attention to the details. The collection of the CzechStreets continues to grow, and the folks at the CzechAV have started a new series with a similar niche on the CzechExperiment site.

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