Dirty Pancake

Dirty Pancake

The Site

I know you’ve been fooled a lot of times already by a lot of fake Porn sites. I also know you’ve been desperately trying to find that one porn site that you can finally trust with all the hot pleasures it can offer. Worry no more my friend! I’ve taken the privilege of scouting for the best one there is, Dirtypancake is a one of a kind porn site that focuses on this one girl named Pancake. But don’t take her lightly.

Even though she’s only one girl, she’s pretty capable of handling any man that comes her way. You shouldn’t be surprised also by the fact that she has gathered quite a number of fans lately. She has her ways of creeping inside your mind and grabbing hold of those inner desires you’ve been aching to see on screen. Yes, my friends, she knows how to give her viewers a good time.

From sucking to fucking, from being nice and cuddly, to becoming the wild huntress she really is. There’s no guess what she might do next for the camera. She’s also half-brit, half-thai. Two of the most awesome races joined together in one hot sexy bunny. Some of you might not have really known her yet, but that’s not a surprise. Because all her videos are exclusive for members only. But don’t worry. That’s why I’m here to give you a front seat insight and a backstage pass around this website.

Site Features

Pancake has a website named after her, so before we get to know her. Let’s see what she has prepared for us in her site. When you enter her site, you will see HER posing her body in front of you while being surrounded by amazing photos of her, doing phenomenal fucking stunts. She would fuck men in a lot of different angles and still feel every inch of that cock inside her.

The website is themed as green and white. You will also notice on the homepage her biography right there in the lower left. You’ll see everything there is about her. Which is actually a BIG turn on because you get to see how she is fucked not only as a star, but as the real person described in her biography. If you go down her homepage, you’ll also find a lot of previews of her sex stunts. Which is no easy stunt by the way. She actually loves what she does. She would even ask you how you’d like her to get fucked sometimes! Because in her descriptions, she addresses her words directly to the members!

I also like their feature of adding new photos and videos each week. Not a lot of porn sites do that anymore. Another feature of the site to take note of is their easy navigation. You don’t have to be techy just to move around her site. She designed it so anyone can enjoy and not have a hard time navigating. If you have time, try to take a look at her descriptions. She really loves to turn on viewers even by just reading what she’s about to do!

The Content

Introducing the main star of the event, PANCAKE! This woman has really done it this time! what a lot of fans love about her is her eye contact with the viewers. No matter how hard or how fucking fast she is being rammed from all directions, she will always manage to give you her eyes. Which is a big deal for us because we love watching porn stars looking straight at us! Makes the video more personal and awesome. But you might be wondering. Is she the only woman in this site? Well let me give you the answer.

As you know, birds of the same feather, ALWAYS FLOCK TOGETHER. So there are scenes where she would invite her girlfriends over for some good time girl to girl fuck! She would even allow her boyfriend to join in the fun! You’ll love how she reacts when she gets rammed in the back while her girlfriend kisses and seduces her. It’s a sight that would certainly bring back a thousand ships, and if you’re worried about the number of videos she has on her site, worry no more. Her videos number by the hundreds to the thousands! Even her photos are too many!

And the download limit is also unlimited so you can watch her as many times as you want! Another thing to remember is that, once you become a member of her site, you get free access to more porn sites! Which means you also get to become a member of other amazing sites as well. Those sights are featured at the bottom part of the homepage, and trust me on this one, those sites are not to be taken for granted as well! When it comes to video quality, no problem with this one as well.

Video resolution gives out a big 720×540! Big enough to see it with your naked eye with no quality degradation! Amazing huh? Imagine watching her on your flat screen tv just moaning and screaming with satisfaction. Imagine her sitting on top of a POV camera on your 20-inch laptop and just riding you up and down! Those are totally doable with her on her site! So let’s not waste too much words! Follow me and let’s give this site its verdict!

Quick Resume

It’s been one wild review with pancake, but I’m sure you all know what I got to say about this site. Yup, she’s won this one. With all those amazing features and good video graphics. There’s no turning back on this. Especially when she starts turning her back on you, you’ll totally crave for more of her.

I’ve seen members stay with her for the long haul simply because she’s her. Some members don’t even mind the other free sites anymore. Pancake has got them craving for her amazing body, cute voice, and passionate behavior fucking! So ladies and gents. I don’t want to hold you any longer! You’re free to go to check out the site for yourself! you won’t regret it!

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