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Dirty Tony

The Site

We are all straight guys here in the office. It is our mission, though, to provide unbiased porn reviews for any type of porn fan – and this includes our gay brothers. This is the reason why we have already written some reviews about gay porn sites in the past. However, we still believe that it is not enough to provide gay porn fans an ample selection of different porn sites to explore. Hence, whenever we see gay porn sites that we have not explored yet, we get all excited and giddy because we are thinking – this must be it.

This must be the porn site that our existing gay porn genres haven’t explored yet. This might be another good porn site to add to our review library. Finding porn sites and reviewing each of them is just a typical day for us. What makes it special are the sites that we get to explore. In this light, let us provide you a review of the latest porn site that we have discovered. You have probably guessed by now that we are going to review a gay porn site and that it is going to be a special one. Well, you are exactly correct! Today, we are going to review a porn site called DirtyTony, and it is not just your ordinary gay porn site.

It is a special one in terms of the pornstars and models that you are going to see here. You might be interested that one of its categories is “straight guys fucking” as well. Is that even possible? We will learn the answers to these questions as we get into the details of this porn site further. We did not see anywhere in the website that DirtyTony is affiliated with any other porn site and porn networks. Hence, we think that it is safe to assume that this is a standalone site. But don’t worry, if you think that the number of porn videos that you are going to enjoy is going to be limited because it is just one site, then let us tell you right now that this is not the case.

This porn site has hundreds of exclusive videos available already, guaranteeing hundreds of hours of unlimited streaming and downloading as well. Not only that, you can also expect this collection to still grow because this porn site guarantees regular updates every week. If you are already interested in signing up for DirtyTony, then let’s move on to the different membership plans that the porn site offers. They have three different membership deals: the Holiday Deal (which is good for thirty days), the Better Deal, and the Best Deal (which is for 180 days). We are not in any way connected with the site, though, so if these are limited deals, we have no way of finding out on how long they would be available. So what we suggest is for you to check out this porn site as soon as possible while the offers are still there.

Site Features

The first impression that we had about this porn site is that it’s really hot – not just with the videos that it present, but also with the choice of colors for their website design. The background is plain black, but for the main container, it is read with fiery design elements. The logo too suggests a devilish aesthetic. The banner of the site looks like a tattered scroll of some sort which contains the logo of the site and the different navigation options. Below this banner, you will see the different previews of the porn site’s latest videos already. There are five previews in all. You might be thinking – “why so few?” The reason is because the previews are all very detailed unlike on the other porn sites where all they offer are just thumbnails. For their previews, you will also be able to see different-sized thumbnails. They have seven thumbnails in all per preview showing the different action-fill scenes within that particular video.

Aside from the thumbnails, you will also be able to watch a short preview of the video which lasts a couple of seconds to a few minutes depending on the length of the video. After there will be a short article of about the video which narrates almost everything that will happen in the scene. This description also contains other vital information like the names of the models involved along with some background on them. Reading these descriptions are enough to make you sweaty with anticipation. And we appreciate that DirtyTony took the time in writing them because it makes it a lot easier to select the videos that you want to view or download.

The Content

Their videos as structured as if the male porn models are auditioning. A lot of them would start with the pornstar telling a few things about himself and his sexuality. And then from there, the adventure begins. These models all applied to be a part of this porn site so you can be sure that the guys here really enjoy what they are doing. It is also very interesting to note that there are some of them who have not been fucked by another guy before because they are straight – but they are also willing to try out of curiosity and many other things.

These are the videos that we have found very interesting to watch. About the models, though, since they audition before they even start making these videos, this would guarantee that all of the men that you would be able to see here are good-looking and model-worthy. The porn site did not say if they prefer a certain nationality or look. In fact, we have noticed that they really have a wide variety of different-looking guys, so we are sure that there is a guy perfect for anyone’s taste within the site.

Quick Resume

If you are curious about your sexuality too and would want to explore more, or if you belong to the gay community who would want to see high-quality man-on-man gay porn videos, then the DirtyTony porn site is definitely for you.


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