Eva Cassini

Eva Cassini

The Site

There have been a lot of great porn sites out there, but none that can pair Eva Cassini. And that is simply because she is a beautiful tgirl, and she knows how to fuck, and suck, too. But, she does more than that, a lot more, and you should see some of the perks that are offered on the site, so that is why I would recommend you to visit and see for yourself, the beauty and versatility that is Eva Cassini.

Site Features

And it is not only Eva that is easy on the eyes, but her site, as well. The site has a lot of perks and a lot of cute things to see. The color scheme is great, as you have a dark gray background against which a white one is contrasted. On that white background lie the updates, the previews and the photo sets. Now, the purple letters and light blue stars contrast it all, and make the things appear even better, as they are, actually, because Eva knows what she is doing, and her site reflects that. The real content is reserved for the members, who get a lot of perks, like the sorting options and a search bar, there to help them in finding whatever content they want to see first. The site runs smoothly, as smooth as it can, considering the number of visitors that are there, daily. Do not get me wrong, you will not experience any lag, no matter how many videos you open at one time. Likewise, you can browse from your mobile phone, and see all the kinky stuff happen in the comfort of your chair or sofa or anywhere else.

The Content

Now, what is there to say about Eva that you cannot go and see for yourself. Well, for starters, she has blue eyes, in which you can get lost, as well as a nice body, big boobs which she frequently plays with, an ass begging to be fucked, and a dick, a large one that can get out a lot of cum. Eva loves doing stuff differently, so she will have some friends with her, in order to have some fun, either mutual masturbation or just plain old ass plowing. Eva loves getting it in another tgirlā€™s ass, and she also loves getting fucked, so seeing videos like that should be common on the site. Well, they are in HD, so the details do become a bit more alive, like that is necessary, when you see Eva and her lust for sex. She does indeed play alone, too, and she knows how to do it, solo masturbation, solo toy action which ends up in her ass. In all the videos, you will get to see an orgasm, and the photo sessions make up for a nice story. Eva loves dressing up, and you can see that by all the different outfits that she has in the sessions, from science fiction to cute girl type of things. She writes music, and you get access to that, too, as a member, and to a lot of other stuff like the drawings she made, and her projects, and her early work, before this site.

Quick Resume

If you have thing for tgirls, then Eva Cassini should be on the top of your list of must visit sites. She has a lust and a passion for sex and for performing in front of the camera that will make you horny and keep you coming back for more.

This site does not exist anymore, check out Wendy Summers