Hairy And Raw

Hairy And Raw

The Site

Bears, bears, and more bears parade around HairyAndRaw. Hairy bears and cubs stroke, suck, and fuck each other in eight pages worth of hot bareback videos. Here you will find hot, raw, and real action. Nothing is glossed over, these guys didn’t get a full body wax for the occasion, they aren’t here to just look pretty and pull their cocks out of tight underwear.These guys are really everyday guys that love to fuck each other. Some are outdoors, or in the locker room, many are wearing leather and using chains. They all want to fuck some hot hairy asses. These guys are a lot to handle but it will be so sweet to undertake the handling.

Site Features

The design of the site uses a four tab system to get you to the places that you want to go. The first of these tabs is the videos tab. On this tab, you will gain instant access to all the hot and horny videos the site has to offer. Each video that you click on gives you a one to two minute preview of what it has to offer. In addition, the video has a brief description. The next tab is the models tab here you will find all the models that HairyAndRaw has to offer.

Clicking on any of these models brings you to a page where you can read a bit about the model and look at all the videos and photos your chosen model has to offer. This is the perfect feature if you are particularly interested in any of the models. From their profile page, you can access any of the videos are photos that they star in. If you want to have some information about what these guys like and how their lives are in addition to watching them fuck like there’s no tomorrow you will be very pleased with the models tab. The other two tabs are the login and join tabs.

Both these tabs keep you on top of your account. In addition to all the in site content that you have access to there is a blog and an email newsletter to keep you even more up to date and in the know. If you’ve come looking for leather and chains, outdoor gang bangs, bears and cubs, tattoos and back hair, with tight asses and hard dicks then HairyAndRaw will certainly deliver.

The Content

The models are all big strapping hairy mammoths of men that really enjoy fucking other men. They are often leather clad, sometimes tattooed, and always hairy. You have a great opportunity to get to know a little bit about all of them as well. Underneath the models tab, you will have alphabetical access to all the models that perform on HairyAndRaw. Take Guy English. We learn that he well rounded and an educated man who likes to cook and host dinner parties. He also likes to have group sex with other hot bars. He’s into leather, role-play, and costumes.

Or maybe you’d like to have a look at Tiger. He’s a beefy little cub that used to be a believer and a straight boy. All that changed when he invited a buddy over while his girlfriend was at a revival. He and his buddy sucked and fucked and he never looked back. Tiger’s favorite position is 69 he really enjoys his face full of cock and balls. But you may also want to check out Finniean Hughes. Finniean is a chubby boy with a fire red beard and he loves to take cock up the ass. There are 16 pages of models in all. There are eight pages of videos. The content just keeps coming. HairyAndRaw has a massive collection of videos to offer going back as far as 2011 and as recent as only a few days ago.

You’ll find all the bear and cub action that you’re looking for and you’ll have an opportunity to get to know about the models that you’re watching. Don’t be left out in the dark when you could join in on the fun with leather and chains. Or you could get off to guys with hair everywhere and tattoos too fucking each other until they have nothing else to give. These guys come in big packages and they have special packages to deliver to one another.

Quick Resume

HairyAndRaw is a definite go to place to find bear and cub action just like you want it. Whether you want to watch a group of bears plays together with leather chains, a hot locker room scene, or a tattooed trio fucking right out on the back patio you’ll find it on this site. If you want to know a bit about the sexy bears and cubs you’re watching you’ve arrived at the correct place as well. These models have pretty extensive bio pages that tell you about what they like and how they like it in addition to some about their backgrounds and their current lives.

The bio pages also offer a complete listing of videos and photos that the models star in. This makes it easy to find the videos that you want most especially if you have a particular interest in one of the models. A massive amount of videos, photos, and models will keep you interested time after time of coming to HairyAndRaw. There is five years worth of content for you to enjoy on this site and updates are frequent as well. Updates come every few days.

These men know what they want and they want you to be able to enjoy their escapades as well. These are normal intelligent men that love sex with one another and they love it a little kinky. Don’t miss out on the massive amount of delectable content that could be at your fingertips with your membership to HairyAndRaw. Let your inner bear mingle with these other bears and cubs.


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