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Did you love fucking those sexy neighbourhood chicks who dotted your locality? Of course, you did, because there was a unique sex appeal in fucking them. When you played with them in your bygone days, you never had any feelings, but when you saw them a few years later, you realized that the cute chick has turned into a beautiful swan. And why do you restrict yourself to only that chick? Why not target the horny housewife or lonely MILF who is yearning for a few cocks to brighten up her life? The charm of having sex with your neighbour is a mass appeal, and when this is depicted within the realm of porn, you have something to jerk-off to night-after-night. If you are searching for such a site, then go nowhere, for we are presenting to you HomeTownHoneys.

Specialising in showing sex between horny neighbours, this site offers you diverse chicks, who are so sexy that you would want to have them in your neighbourhood for good. The video themes are also very diverse, with each video being part of a series. Jerking off to the diversity of sluts and videos on HomeTownHoneys will be immensely satisfactory and you will want to watch it with your neighbour and fuck her while watching these videos. To help you arrive at an informed decision, I have taken the trouble of writing this review. I am confident that you will subscribe to this site, call your sexy neighbouring siren and have a crazy sex session with her.

Site Features

We are talking about sexy neighbours who love to get hot cocks into their wet cunts. So, shouldn’t a website also show this ambience to help you jerk-off? Obviously, because this ambience will help you attain a satisfactory sexperience. With HomeTownHoneys, this ambience comes to the fore the moment you visit the site. Right from the banner to the pictures, the video thumbnails, the overall background and everything else gives you the neighbourhood feeling. Let me start this discussion with the background of the site. The background features a newsprint texture. It looks like the wall of a room and you will like it very much. This colour is white with pale grey dots that are barely visible, just like the slut’s bedroom wall. This is enough to give your dick the kick when you see the chick.

The banner elevates your mood to jerk-off with its wonderful combination of sluts, and background. The background has rows of houses, trees and a fence. You will go nostalgic watching the banner. The icing on the cake is the bevy of naked and semi-naked sluts who dot the banner. Check out their boobs and soft bodies, and you will not want anything else in life but them. On the top of the banner, you will find Home Town in white text in a green coloured box with a white border and Honeys in honey colour. I would rather use amber instead of honey colour. All over the site, there are bottles of honey and honeybees.

The green reminds me of the trees and the honey, the complexion of the sluts. Honey has been used to give a glowing complexion to skin, as well as used as a metaphor to describe sexy neighbours. These colours are aptly used on this site.
Four links to Home, Sign Up, Members and Continue the Tour is seen below the banner. After this, you come to the main part of the site, the videos. Videos are loaded in a list form, three per page. The videos are trailers, but you cannot watch the trailer without registering. We will come to the registration part a little later. First, let me complete describing this site.

The series themes have a brief description at the top, followed by the description of the video, shown on a crumpled piece of paper to the right of the video trailer. Below the trailer and description, there are four pictures, including one of the pornstar, and a few sexual acts the slut is indulged in. The videos have a black border, which tells you that you are fucking a neighbour and the formats in which these videos can be downloaded to your computer. This entire set up has a wooden frame with the video, pictures, and the crumpled piece of paper pinned to the soft-board. Let me keep up the suspense on the registration part and let us check out these sluts.

The Content

This is the most interesting part of this review. You have been desperately waiting for this and I know why. Let me not keep you waiting on this and get to the point quickly. The sluts are beautiful, sexy and hot. They make the perfect neighbour who is yearning for your cock. They play their part of the slutty neighbouring girl or the lonely MILF / housewife perfectly to the T. So, when you check these videos out, you will think that the pornstar is a real housewife who is lonely and wants to get fucked. The ambience of the video also depicts this very beautifully. The sluts are diverse and you have Latinas, amateurs, MILFs, housewives, Americans, Europeans, Asians, and lesbians.

All sluts are bisexual, and they are ready to have sex not only with men but with other sexy chicks too. They like their pussies invaded and pounded by sex toys and slender fingers that consistently massage the G-spot. The sluts have been very carefully chosen and inducted into these videos. All porn videos on HomeTownHoneys are made to a script. So, this requires the sluts to give a natural performance, including the performance in the sexual act. When the sexual performance is natural, you love the sluts a lot. With no fake orgasms, all screams and moans are so genuine that you will not find any errors in the videos.

Personally, I liked the Amateur Group and Orgy sex. The theme of this video was wife-swapping. When neighbouring couples meet after a long time, the sluts get a kinky idea. From playing with their respective husband’s cocks, sucking and deepthroating them, they shift their attention to the neighbour’s dick. The husbands love to see their wives’ sucking another man’s cock. They take turns to fuck their wives and the neighbour’s wife. The video meets a sexy and messy end when the hunks empty their cum on the neighbouring slut’s face. The wives do not hesitate to swap the cum and lick them from each-others’ faces. Jerking off to such a video can make you cum very hard.

Quick Resume

We have now come to the end of this review, and I would now discuss the affordability of this site. With a 2-days trial pack, you can opt for a monthly offer, or a 3-months membership, or an annual membership, after the trial pack expires. The annual membership gives you a 50% discount over the monthly plan. With so many great sluts and sirens to help you in your jerk-off sessions, you will not have a dry night anymore. To do this, get back to the top of this site and click on Sign Up now and enjoy masturbating.

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