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On this portal, you can get a look under the models’ skirt. Though most sites online offer somewhat more realistic upskirt videos and photos, the staged modeling content here is also damned sexy, and the high quality just makes it much better. As far as we could depict, mostly European girls are showing you their nasty, and apart from the nicely shaved – and shaped – pussies you can see some amazing buttocks too.

Upskirt photography and video-shooting is a dangerous business, but here the girls are not unsuspecting victims of a voyeur skirt-lifter. They are willingly showing you everything they have down there. Since it’s a kind of studio-made, you can expect here firm camera handling, nice close ups and really high picture quality.

This site is quite new: it launched only five years ago. There were regular updates here, but it looks like that there weren’t any new updates for almost a year now. The latest video is in HD, and it’s a very sexy upskirt footages, so it’s worth watching. Currently the site has 1401 videos, and 22727 photos in 303 albums.

Being a frozen site is a bad news for all, but if you have a fixation on this kind of content, we warmly recommend you the HQUpskirt. Let’s see the reasons again: first, it’s really sexy, and the videos focus on the upskirt capturing not on the chase. Second, these footages are in good quality – HD upskirt videos are thing everyone should see.

Third, the photos are fantastic, and there is plenty of them. Fourth, the photos are not just good looking, but they feature other fetishes too.
We weren’t able to actually depict the uniqueness of these videos, but we’re quite certain that there are lots of unique videos here, so a good part of the content is exclusive.

Site Features

The HQUpskirt has everything at its place. There is a menu and the site’s statistics on the top, and the rest of the page is just a list of the content. The thumbnails show you what you might expect from the inner pages, while the menu is the most important tool to navigate through. On its own the free tour isn’t much of a bang, but you can take the time and get to know the layout.

Because when you enter the members’ area you will find it that nothing changes. So, the main menu is still on the top, and you can find there every link you would ever need: the ones leading to the videos, the photos, or where you can upload your own content. The only extra feature is the community, and maybe the search engine might be useful.

Since the videos are very short (usually 2-3 minutes), you should watch them in the browser, since it’s would be a hideous task to save them all one by one… however you could set up a playlist for lonely hours you could spend watching an endless stream of upskirt footage. The pictures are also good, and they are a bit better in quality than the videos. You can save them in zip files.

The Content

Well, the HQUpskirt isn’t exactly what it claims to be. On the tour page it says you are going to find here ‘oops upskirt’ photos, and that the girls are unaware of being captured on camera… but it’s not true. So far, we found only staged modeling photos and videos with upskirt elements in them, but the cuties are very well aware of what they are doing. Nevertheless, since you are here for pussy and ass, let’s talk about a bit of the owners of those pussies and asses.

These girls are all European cuties, and with names like Ekaterina, Alina or Irina, it’s quite easy to find out which part of Europe they are coming from. You will see here some really hot girls, and they are showing truly fine bodies. As far as we could tell, the models of the HQUpskirt seems to be in the 20-27 years old category, which means that you can see intact, un-enhanced bodies, with real sweet asses and pussy. Since it’s not exactly a porn site, and the only really pornographic element here is the upskirt footage, there are neat modeling photos shot. With the help of those shots and flicks, you can explore the whole body of these girls, and do some worshipping at the altar of real beauty.

The site currently has 1401 scenes and 22727 photos. As you can see, the videos are done during the photo shooting, and they feature usually the same things. In these flicks, the girls are showing off their body, posing for the camera, and talk a bit – but only a bit. You can hear mostly the camera clicking and the environmental noises. The videos have been recorded in the great outdoors, so you should expect to watch some people passing by or birds chirping on the streets.

Lots of the scenes are shot in urban environment, and if you know your way around Europe you may find out which country the actual video was recorded at. For example, a set of photos and a video of the model AnnMarie was shot in Hungary, in the capital, Budapest – we recognized the bridge they call Széchenyi Lánchíd, and the Castle of Buda behind it. Apart from the outdoor scenes, there are a bunch of indoor shots, which were shot in living rooms, and also in cars. There are upskirt flashings, but these are staged – however you may still satisfy your fixations related to this niche.

Quick Resume

The HQUpskirt is a neat site, though it has the same downfall as many other fetish portals: it doesn’t offer new content anymore. It might return to life sometimes, but now it’s a closed site. So, why did we bother with it? Well, the content seems unique, and though it’s not actual voyeur stuff, it’s still really exciting.

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