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Sometimes, people think that it might not be so good to watch the making of videos, as they fear that it might ruin their perception of that said video or movie. The same goes for porn, as once you see all the fake things that they do to make the action seem real, you might be more than disappointed. Ah, that is why I moved on to live sites, where live shows take place, and this one, called Immoral Live, has a lot of good shows, hardcore ones, too.

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Site Features

This site, even though it is content oriented, has a great design, one that will captivate you from the start. I don’t know what is better, the not so eye catching background, black and gray, but once you see it, you cannot unsee it, the gray shades are actually girls, fucking and sucking, or the countdown timer, on a gray background, with red numbers. Those are the first two things that I spotted upon entering, but, below, there is the trailer of the site, which shows some of the action that takes place in the live shows. That is really good to see, as you know what you are dealing with before joining. Likewise, you get to see many more images below, clickable, though they will prompt you to join, in order to see the full content. Joining is probably the best thing that you can do on this site, as it will get you a lot more than just live shows. The previous ones are also recorded and kept as videos, which you can view, to your pleasure, but, seeing how they are sorted, you will only take a second to find the ones you like. With good optimization, this site is available on the mobile devices, too.

The Content

With so much technical detail being put into the site, some of you might think that they did that, but sacrificed the quality of the content, though, it is quite the opposite. The design of the site is so great as it wants to present the content in the best way possible. They have a lot of girls, and they want to be seen, as they are really beautiful, and they tend to engage in activities that would make you have that orgasm very quickly. There are different categories on the site, and different girls like different ones. The Cock Sucking Challenge is one of the most notable ones, as two girls try to get two guys to have their orgasms, and they succeed, but the one that gets her guy first is crowned winner of that show. The Squirtmania is pretty much self explanatory, as it involves a lot of cum, mostly on the girls’ faces. The Immoral Orgy is just that, an orgy, with more girls than guys, and a lot of fucking, regardless. And with a quality of the videos that is really high, a resolution that enhances the experience, it gets better. The details are crisp, and with at least one show weekly, you truly can experience quite a lot here. Though, with 7 more sites to explore, there is probably a lot more for you, and content that is various, too, and not at all similar to the one on this site.

Quick Resume

Immoral Live is one of my favorite sites, and not just because you get to see all those live shows, action as it is happening, but because there are many other sites to see, and because the user oriented nature of the site happens to prove what they had in mind when making it, and so do the ladies.

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