Indian Sex Land

Indian Sex Land

The Site

IndianSexLand is one of the most unique porn sites in the world, offering the beauty of fucking Indian chicks. One of the features that makes IndianSexLand so unique is its focus on providing realistic sex, rather than scripted porn. So, to that extent, porn lovers like you and me will enjoy the sex videos because there is a level of genuineness and realism to what is presented to you. India is a land of mysteries and forbidden stuff. In the maze that it presents, even lust has been forbidden, and it is this lust that IndianSexLand brings out to the fore, allowing sluts to explore their sexuality and sensuality, and providing you with an opportunity to witness such intimate and passionate scenes that these sexy bitches provide for your cock’s pleasure.

One of the reasons why you will love Indian sluts is their skin colour. Hitherto, when you jerked off, you had to contend with only white, Japanese and ebony sluts. India being a land of diversity, you can enjoy sluts with fair skin to dark skinned sluts, with light to medium tanned sluts in between. Getting a diverse range of chicks within an ethnicity is not often found in the porn world. With Indians being underrepresented in the porn world, sites like IndianSexLand will give you the added impetus and bonus for watching them. To help you get a better picture of IndianSexLand, check out this review we have compiled below. You will, at the end of it, acknowledge that this is an awesome site to subscribe to, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on any of the kinky stuff this beautiful site presents.

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Site Features

IndianSexLand has a glamorous site, and this is evident from the lovely banner at the top of the site. Unlike many sites which have a clearly differentiated header, footer and main body, IndianSexLand, from the Yellowplum network, does not have anything like this. It starts with the banner, and continues down with videos and photos, all the way to the footer. There are appropriate links, though, to take you to the members’ page, the joining page and the link to continue to the next tour page.

The banner is by far the most attractive part of the site, and features two naked sluts, one sucking a cock, lying down and the other standing topless. The chick sucking the cock has her left hand on her left breast, as if groping it to feel the pressure build-up in her. The other, dark tanned bitch has floral tattoos on her chest and shoulders that look awesome. The lust for sex in her eyes seems to be inviting you to explore her body. Her breasts are very shapely, with the nipples placed exactly at the centre of the breasts. The dark areolas and nipples give a contrasting feel against the tanned skin, making the bitch look sexier. Fucking a bitch like this will give you the most passionate moments of your life. The banner also has a beautiful background, in the form of a green cloth with floral designs, and the image of the Monument of Love, the Taj Mahal. A set of three mini-thumbnails indicates the three niches IndianSexLand operates in, including Indian Hardcore, Indian Amateur and Indian Lesbian.

There are video thumbnails for you to explore. Unfortunately, to view any videos, you must be a member of this site. However, the thumbnails do give you a glimpse of the videos and the scenes you can expect to watch, after subscribing. All videos are loaded in a list format, with enough information provided for each. The green clothed background with floral designs is common from the header onwards, for all videos. A large thumbnail to the left shows the slut in her kinky avatar. A set of four photo thumbnails below gives an idea of what will happen in the video. A brief description, a caption of the video with the chick’s name and a link to download the video complete each thumbnail. In total, there are a dozen videos across two tour pages.

The Content

If you find the sluts in the banner glamourous, then wait till you check out the sluts in the video thumbnails. The video thumbnails are truly exquisite, and you will find chicks from all over India, including some neighboring countries, especially Bangladesh. You have chicks from Kolkata, Mumbai, Chittagong, and many other places. What’s best about these sluts is that they have been handpicked by the creators of this site. The sluts are kinky, sultry, bitchy, and have the knack of getting a guy to cum hard. Their seductive moves, expressive eyes, and awesome bodies can make them the next sex stars of the porn world. Fucking such cunts is the ultimate pleasure of life.

Each slut is unique, in her own way, and all her assets are stupendous. Whether it is her lovely face, or her sculpted breasts, her slender waist or her shaved pussy, her round ass or slender arms and limbs, everything about them is perfect. Their beautifully shaped mouths would be ideal for sucking your cock, while their tongues are the right tools for snaking around your cock and stimulating it. The breasts and nipples are unlike anything you have ever seen. There are no bikini marks on the breasts and this adds a sense of uniformity to the skin colour. The nipples truly give a contrasting effect to the skin of the breasts, making the breasts shine like a beacon. They have slender waists and the shaved pussies look exquisite, with the tanned skin. Sluts like these are sex dolls that you would want to fuck hard, while sucking the nipples and cumming all over their bodies.

Quick Resume

If you have completed reading this exquisite site’s review, you will realize how awesome IndianSexLand is. Enjoy lesbian, amateurs, hardcore, and everything in between for your kinky pleasures. IndianSexLand is a very affordable site, and you will love the plans it offers. Opt for long-term plans and you will end up saving significant amounts of money. If you are still concerned, you can check out the trial plan. And once you become a member, you can forget all your worries and focus on your favourite slut to jerk off to glory.

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