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IronLockUp is all about the darkest and fiercest gay sex action that you have ever seen. As compared to other gay porn sites, IronLockUp should stand out from the rest primarily because of its unique and over the top hardcore CBT and BDSM videos and images. If you are curious as to how hardcore this gay porn site is, it is about big-bodied and muscular men who are being tied up and shamed by their “masters”. Yes, you can see some real terror here. For the gay people who find it pleasurable to experience hurt during any sexual activity, then this site should be the one for you to watch. Generally, all the videos and the photos that are featured on this site are not user-submitted. This means that all the contents that are included in the site are exclusively owned and maintained by the makers of this site IronLockUp. Once you are able to access this site as a fully paid member, then you will be able to enjoy the full features that are being offered by this site. In fact, your paid membership also comes with instant access to other bonus porn sites which you will definitely and surely love. The updates are being done on a weekly basis. Thus, there is always something good and exciting to look after every week once you subscribe and join in this site. In addition, all the updates are as exciting and eye-opening as the last so you won’t get tired watching all these videos and their updates.

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Just by looking at the general layout of the site IronLockUp, you can pretty much tell that it has a very dark and scary setting. There are heavy chains, bolts, and all the strange gadgets present throughout all the videos. If it not for the presence of naked men and dicks and some dildos, you would not even recognize it as a gay porn site. The entire site background is purely black which signifies a brooding and ominous feel to the site. In a way, there is a something gloomy about how the dominant gay interacts with his partner because indeed there is a level of hurt involved here. As for the videos, you would surely be impressed with the quality. While it has a basic dark setting to it, rest assured that they are all highly watchable and still very interesting to watch. One would be able to watch the videos in 3 different ways. One can watch it in high quality which is at 1280×595, at a medium quality which is at 848×395 and at a low quality which is at 320×240. The sound quality of these videos is also decent. However, take note that there are no downloadable videos here as IronLockUp does not use DRM features. The photos which are all featured in IronLockUp are basically thumbnails or screen shots from the videos presented. The quality of the photos provided is at 710×1060. There are no slideshow presentations that are being shown here. In addition, one cannot also download the photos in ZIP file. However, you can save each of the pictures in an individual manner. For some gay people, and even in most people generally, hurt may be considered as pleasurable if it has reached that certain point in which the subject offers everything about his body for the dominant party. It can be arousing, depending on your preference, to feel ache or to inflict hurt. Whichever side you may be, IronLockUp is sure to tickle your fancy by satiating your innermost desire of ache and infliction gay style.

The Content

It has been strictly stated in the About portion of the site IronLockUp that the models that are being portrayed in this site are NOT porn stars. Rather, these guys are simply considered to be highly experienced participants in doing kinky sex. Now, it may be evident that with the use of intense tools and very dangerous gadgets, one should know that these models strictly follow a general safety protocol in order to ensure their safety despite those seemingly dangerous acts. Having stated that these guys are no porn stars, you should right away notice that their physiques are highly very natural to those of average guys. Some of the guys here have hairy bodies while some guys are actually masculine. Thus, you can tell that there is an equal distribution of experienced players in the kinky sex community who are participating in this site. In addition, there are guys who are wearing a full leather mask. This is to add up to that kinky effect which surely most gay men would be turned on. It would even amaze you to realize the many tools and equipment that they have to use in order to inflict hurt and pleasure throughout all the videos presented in this site. As to the movies in IronLockUp, everything in the movies is all real and authentic. When you see a guy writhing in agony, then that means that the guy is actually writhing in hurt. The guys here are not acting a part because as mentioned, they are not porn stars, but rather they are experienced kinky sex performers. They are well trained to handle their aches and to deal with such agony and afflictions. Most of the scenes are that of a typical dungeon scenario in which the “slave” gets persecuted and tied real hard. There are intense sex plays that are being done here. In most cases, sexual sensations are being deprived of the subject. There are some nasty ass fucking, insertables, piss playing and even flogging.

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All in all, there is a great potential in this site IronLockUp. For instance, there is an air of exclusivity as the contents herein are all available in this site alone. You can also see very realistic BDSM scenes and other kinky and fetish scenes that most gays would surely love to do. There is also a wide variety of nasty play that is being made special by the tools and objects being used to inflict hurt.

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