Kasia Kelly

Kasia Kelly

The Site

Kasia Kelly is a gorgeous girl who… well, who is just the thing we would like to spend lots of time with. She may not be the busty fake-breasted pornstar, but she is a Polish girl with a fine body and a natural appearance that just makes a man horny.  According to our research, the KasiaKelly launched in 2013, and it has been receiving content on a non-scheduled, random basis. During our visit we counted about 30 scenes and about as much photo galleries with recent dates.

As you will see, the site of Kasia has her exclusive videos, and there is practically no chance of you to find these scenes on other porn sites. The KasiaKelly is not a standalone site, so apart from its neat video- and photo collection, you gain access to a wide range of porn videos and sexy photos. The network the site is a member of is called UnlimitedAccessPass. It’s one hell of a descriptive name, and it tells you exactly what you gain as a member: an unlimited access pass into the world of hotness! There are basically two sites in the network: hardcore porn portals with actual intercourses between two different genders, and solo sites like the KasiaKelly, with many hot European model.

The hardcore sites feature Euro- and US-girls too, and some even cover fetishes like handjobs only, big boobs, black girls, booty, and also a casting site and Pov portal is among the included sites. On the solo sites, you can mostly find softcore action, featuring nudity and masturbation, usually without penetration. But, it’s just part of the collection, the other half is hardcore enough.

Site Features

The sites of the UnlimitedAccessPass have gone through some rebuild since the last time we had the chance to visit them. Now the tour page looks modern, with a simple menu, a tile-set styled list of the content. We also noticed that video previews are not available, but instead of the thumbnails, you can view some sexy photos from the photo galleries, and that’s quite enough for a solo site’s tour. Also, you may like to check the bonuses – you can see a link to the sites’ list. The inner section has nearly the same design as the tour, but instead of one stuffed menu, you get two distinct menu bars: a network-wide one and a content menu. As you will see, the network menu has dropdown options, and it’s helpful in finding the content you seek.

There is a search engine too, so you can try your luck with that too. Fortunately, the content is uploaded with care: on the listings page you can find every relevant information about the pieces: views, tags, models, number of photos or the length of the videos. You also have some sorting options for the listings. You probably want to read about the videos and the photos. So far, the site has about 20 photo galleries. These are not video captions, but actual photos which were shot during the recording. They are all in high resolution, and you can enlarge them to full screen in the browser too.

To save these sets, the KasiaKelly grants you zip formatted archives. A gallery usually consists of an average of 80 photos. For the videos, you will be glad to know that nearly all of them are available in HD. The downloadable files are either in MPEG, WMV or MP4 format, from which usually the MPEG has the better bitrates. Those who like their porn played in the browser, the Flash-player should be satisfactory. It’s also capable of playing the videos in HD, and you can enjoy the stream on full-screen, without the loss of quality. Since it has been re-built, the KasiaKelly and all other UnlimitedAccessPass sites offer the viewers a mobile-friendly interface too. Members of the network can watch their favorite girls’videos and photos from their tablet or smart phones, without loss of quality or any other the inconveniences.

The Content

As it’s a solo star-site, the KasiaKelly features only one girl, Ms. Kasia Kelly. This piece of sweetness originates from Poland, and she is a spectacular model. Now you shouldn’t get your hopes too high, because Kasia is a model, and the hardest thing she does is to fuck herself with her fingers. You may appreciate this site if you are looking for girls who look great and show their assets, and tease your fantasy. Kasia Kelly has a natural body, with a pair of nice, perky tits and a fantastic ass. What really catch a man’s attention are her amazing eyes, and that simple, tempting smile she has. She is an overall seductive cute vixen, and those who don’t like her are blind or foolish.

There are short, usually 6-10 minutes long videos on the KasiaKelly, and they feature modeling and masturbating. It’s quite exciting to see this girl really turn herself on, and tease her clit until she reaches the peak and moans with pleasure. There modeling sessions too, these are quite scenes, with the girl only changing positions, showing her body – the only thing you can hear is the clicking of the photographer’s camera. Anyway, if you need some hardcore sex, the bonus sites can give you that too, so you should check them.

Quick Resume

The KasiaKelly grants you everything you expect from a solo model’s website: hot sex videos with sole action, and sexy photo galleries, all provided in high quality. Since you get access to the whole network, the membership here is one that we happily recommend. The 33 sites of the UnlimitedAccessPass offer you a lot: over 4,400 scenes and more than 200,000 photos are granted to you, which is a really fine variety. In case you are looking for site with solo modeling and a hot girl performing on it, the KasiaKelly is the site you seek, and the bonuses are just sweetening the deal.


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