Kitty Get Fun

Kitty Get Fun

The Site

Sometimes, I just like to find that one girl and watch her pose for the camera, get really kinky in front of it, grab toys and just let loose. Well, being in luck, I have found just a girl like that, on kittygetfun, where the eponymous Kitty plays with her titties, pussy, and just tries her best to blow our mind with her extraordinarily sexy body and moves. Mind you, she is not a model, she is just your average neighbor slutty girl.

Site Features

The site is very simply done, the home page featuring a giant image of Kitty and a word balloon, explaining how she is an actual girlfriend and not a model. This is something to be admired, as what you would get to see is her actually doing kinky stuff in front of the camera, and not just acting, like the pornstars do. Below is a short introduction to the site, written, and another one, in a video. The video shows Kitty do some really likable stuff, one that got me to continue browsing her little lair. Below you would get to see previews from videos and some pictures too. What I liked about the site, besides its straightforward design is the very speed you would get while browsing the pages. The site has not met lag and it surely will stay that way, as more happy viewers join. Another thing that came to my notice is the optimization for the mobile devices, as the site runs very smoothly on any of them.

The Content

Kitty is one mean girl, ready to show us every part of her body, and stick a dildo in each. I have loved every single one of her videos. Once she starts stripping and getting her game on, touching and taunting, I had trouble getting my eyes off the screen. She very much enjoys posing in front of the camera, and it can easily be seen that it comes naturally to her, taking her top off, touching her hard nipples, getting her panties off, then proceeding to touch her pussy. She would stick two or three fingers into her, and masturbate until getting an orgasm. It is hard to resist her charm, and very easy to get an orgasm along with her. Sometimes, I would see her joined by a friend, a girl who has a taste for her pussy. They would get each other naked, help each other out with a gentle touch, leading to a more adamant finger penetration and then proceeding to lick one another and use the very many toys that Kitty has in her collection. They would do it in the most different locations, posing as huntresses, your average girls, or whatever kinky idea would come to their minds. Apart from Kitty and her excellent way of seducing me, what I loved about the site is its membership plan and the offer it brings to the table. Once you join, you would be able to download every single one of Kitty’s videos and photos, however many of them you like. Upon joining, for the price of one site, you would get 20 or more, adding up to a lot of porn.

Quick Resume

So, what are you waiting for? Kitty is there, all naked and wet, posing in front of the camera, touching herself and taunting you to join. And join you should, as on kittygetfun, Kitty brings presents and they come in packs, packs of sites, and packs of videos that you would be able to download, along with all the photos your hard drive could take. This is a deal which requires little thought, as such great porn is unlikely to be found anywhere else. We don’t link this website but you can chose another site from our top premium porn websites list.