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Transsexual porn is not new in this time and age, but of course there is less compared to the straight up usual porn we have always been accustomed to. Maybe because some porn companies are not aware that this is a huge thing going on for a lot of people and they could actually benefit from this in a lot of ways. Either way, despite the obvious lack of this sort of porn sites, we are still blessed that some companies took upon the generosity of making a few for us and now that I have noticed, there are already quite a number out there. This proves that transsexual porn has been openly welcomed to the long line of genres that people find interesting and wonderful. Now that it has been acknowledged by a ton of people and by the porn universe itself, you can find these anywhere in the internet when you wish to.

This is where the dilemma begins though as there are too many of them and it is rather hard to find something that is worth the pennies in our pockets. Fret not though because this is where reviews come in handy! One of the best transsexual porn sites I have encountered is LadyBoy. This porn site features gorgeous transsexual chicks with schlongs that go on for ages. It would seem like they have the best of both worlds and there is nothing anybody can do about that. LadyBoy has been around since June 2012 and is under the management of Grooby Bucks – a porn company that specializes in making top notch transsexual porn sites. With that background, it is hard to say no to this fine piece of creation. With a number of sizzling hot ladyboys at every corner, you will find yourself heavily immersed right away. These shemales will show you how to have a good time in ways you have not seen before. The primary niche being focused on here is transsexuality and transsexual porn, and you get exactly so much more than that.

Site Features

The people behind LadyBoy have their priorities straight when it comes to making their porn site effective and convenient for their members. They know how to build it so that it will be both nice to look at and most definitely advantageous to those who are using their site. They made sure that it was simple but impactful. The site design is an absolute delight to look at since it is made to be minimalist and just simple. Their navigation is easy and it is absolutely simple to navigate your way towards anything in here. The interface is a no brainer since it is basically user friendly. The site’s layout and arrangement is somewhat very orderly. Since LadyBoy is a huge site to even begin with, expect to have a lot of things to do in here. For starters, you can check out the links on top of the site. It is located just above the slideshow banner that the site has.

This slideshow banner has different photos shifting to the next. Most of the time, these photos represent a certain video and it has a description right at the bottom of it. When you click it, it will immediately prompt you to where the original file is located and can be watched. The top links consist of the home page button, the model index button, the updates button, and the members’ button. Each of these will automatically take you to their corresponding page once clicked. They do not go for roundabout ways and they like to get straight to the point, literally. A little below the slideshow, you will find the latest updates. You will see tons of video thumbnails. Each of these are labeled and titled. The shemale’s name is found on top of their respective thumbnail. From there you can also see the timestamp and the number of photos available and present in each video.

The thumbnails present a date as to when the video was uploaded and it also has a vivid description of what you are about to see. Each of the video can be rated from one star to five stars; one being the lowest and five being the highest. Apart from rating, you can also comment on each of the videos so that other people can see for themselves. It is not only the videos that get that sort of treatment though because you may also rate and comment on each of the models in the model index. Despite the lack of filtering options, you do get an advanced search bar and a pagination link to help you sorting things out. Photo sets are available here and as of the moment, there are around 2000 photo sets that can be downloaded in zip files. Each set has around 150 hi-res photos inside which were particularly taken by professionals.

The Content

LadyBoy has really gorgeous shemales in their porn site and the majority of them hails from certain parts of Asia like Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan, and so many more. Aside from their gorgeous faces, sizzling hot bodies, and gigantic cocks, these hot chicks certainly know how to pleasure the viewers with their antics. The site houses around 2000+ videos that usually last from 15 to 20 glorious minutes. These videos are mostly in high definition and can either be streamed online or downloaded in MP4 format.

Unfortunately, there is only one format that they have available at the moment but maybe in the near future we would be blessed with a few more. Either way, that is never really an issue. When streaming, you can use your browser to do so just as long as you have an embedded Flash player.

Quick Resume

If you are the type of person who is into this sort of thing, you will love every inch of LadyBoy. Not only do they deliver sweet treats in the form of hardcore and softcore shemale action, you get to immerse yourselves in a pool of goodness with the number of videos they have.

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