The Site

When you open the LiveDoll, you will see that there is something pretty nasty going on at this site. The girls are gorgeous, that’s true, but the actions they perform are what matter. You can see on this site cute girls getting banged hard by their dildos or by other girls. The LiveDoll is an innovative porn site: it offers you interactive porn. These scenes are all pre-recorded, and they all cover different positions and actions. You have to choose from these actions, and put together the porn video you like.

You can just jump straight ahead, and make the girls pleasure their butthole with a dildo, or just play with their body topless. The videos of the LiveDoll are all exclusive, and the full scenes are actually quite long: they go on for about 30-90 minutes. The videos are all in high quality, and you are going to love them, though due to the nature of the content, you can’t download them.

Site Features

The tour on the LiveDoll will take quite a long time if you use all the features it offers. As far as the overall look of the website is concerned, it looks fine, even if it’s not perfect. The site is bright, inviting, and easy to navigate. If you are here as an unregistered member, you can view the models profile, and take a look at what kind videos are featured. As a guest, you can preview a scene, and perform 10 interactions for free – there are limitations, and you won’t see all the actions listed, but this tour is one of the best ones we’ve ever done. If you have used up the free interactions, you should head inside. In the members’ area, you will find the scenes listed, but you can also pick a model and see her videos’ list. As far as we were able to find out during our visit, the LiveDoll has only HD and Full-HD videos, which means the close ups are really satisfying.

When you find a girl and scene, an introduction starts to play. You can find the actions on the lower right corner of the screen (also full-screen viewing is recommended for full experience): you can pick a major element, like clothed, naked, topless or things like plug in ass, and these also have sub-categories, like 2 fingers orgasm, or play with your ass, and so on. After you picked an action, there is a short transition from the previous act to the actual action. (You can skip this transition.) When you choose actions that can be more intense, at the upper left corner, you can pick the intensity, right under the camera angle changing option. The actions replay infinitely if you don’t choose something else.

The Content

On the LiveDoll, you will actually find some gorgeous sex dolls, which will perform as you want them to perform. These cuties are all hot European girls, and they seem to mostly originating from France, so they are even sexier for their French nature. Most of the models are fresh, so they can do the nasty things they are asked to do. When you enter the site, you will see that these girls really worth watching, and their gorgeous body is something you would like to play with. Well, on the LiveDoll, you can live out your fantasies.

We have seen mostly natural Caucasians here, usually from that really popular age category, which means you will find here intact, tight bodies. What we found appealing about the girls is that they smile a lot, and their smile is heart-meltingly cute. We even felt a bit ashamed to make them get naked and do juicy things with themselves. But, it’s porn, so they are surely not that innocent. Actually, the girls are not amateurs: they now their body, they know how to please their body, so when you start to pick from the different sexual activities, the girls’ innocence just goes away. These chicks will certainly show you what they are made of!

The videos of the LiveDoll are special. These are all quite long, pre-recorded scenarios with juicy sex action in them. There are many videos which go on for more than hour, and basically, there are barely any scenes which are shorter than 30 minutes. There are solo scenes and lesbian videos for you, at the time of this review there wasn’t any straight sex here. So, here is how it goes: the girl or a girl stands in front of you, waiting for you to tell her what to do. The videos are all recorded, and you just have to pick an action from the list. If you want, the girl can start teasing you with dancing and slowly dropping her clothes.

However, you can always go straight for pussy play, and make here turn herself wet and drill her pussy with a dildo. This is a quite good show, and you can also do this with the lesbian groups and couples. The niches covered by the videos are varied; they range from soft-core teasing to heavy and hardcore insertions, including vaginal and anal dildo introductions. If you want, you can watch the videos as they are, and the great photos are also exciting and are must-see contents of the LiveDoll.

Quick Resume

The LiveDoll is one of the few really interactive porn websites. This isn’t a cam show site, it’s actually a porn site, where you decide what the girls should do, and though the action is pre-recorded, it’s really a fun game to play. Since the videos are in really good quality, and they are all exclusive, the LiveDoll actually is a site that you must try once in a while. Though the updates are slow and there are sometimes longer hiatuses between new flicks, the LiveDoll still keeps going on.

Membership Price

Trial Price Monthly Price Yearly Price
 N/A  $19.95 $99.00 – $8.25/Mo.