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When you think of the Asian continent, what are the things that first pop into your head? Is it their lush landscape? Is it their exotic food choices? Or is it their colorful culture and traditions? Well, here in the office, of course, we are a little bit biased already since we deal with porn sites. Hence, the first thing that comes to our minds when we think of Asia is their women. Every single day, we really thank the continent for providing some of its most wonderful gifts and contributions to the current porn industry. Without Asia, we would not be enjoying the same porn videos that we are currently watching right now. If you can’t think of anything right now, of the things that Asia has given porn industry, then let us help you out. First, the Japanese people have provided us of a unique way of looking at videos.

They have this certain angle or shooting technique that provides a better way of watching porn videos. If you are not aware of this, you may take a look at Japanese porn videos and compare them with Western ones and you will see what we mean. Second, from the same country, unique porn niches were formed. These are cosplay and hentai just to name a few. Finally, they have these really exotic and beautiful women. You will find the sexiest and most exotic ones on Southeast Asian countries like the Philippines and Thailand. If there is one thing that we are really thankful for at this exact moment, though, is that the continent has provided us one of the current queens of Asian porn today – London Keyes. Born in Seattle, this porn star of Asian descent is really making waves in the industry right now, so much so, that the big network, Puba porn network, has decided to create a porn site entirely for her!

We understand that if you have met a porn star that you truly enjoy such as London Keyes, you would have to join multiple porn sites or troll the free ones in order to collect all the videos that she has made. Through the LondonKeyes porn site, though, there would be no need for you to do those things anymore. All you need to do is sign up for membership for this one site and you will already get the privilege of watching her videos every single day. Not only that, you will also gain access to other porn star sites under the Puba porn network. Isn’t that great? You would not need to troll the other sites anymore. Everything is just there. Hence, since we already know what you’re thinking of, allow us to share the membership details of the LondonKeyes porn site. We are only sure of one thing, any one of these plans would give you access to the most awesome videos of London Keyes and more!

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If you have already taken the time to take a look at the LondonKeyes porn site, and the other porn sites under the Puba porn network for that matter, you will notice that they have a uniform way of designing a website. We have not checked all of their porn sites, but so far, all of the porn sites under this network that we have written a review for contains the same layout. For those who have not had the pleasure of visiting a Puba porn site, then you should visit one now because you are really missing out on something awesome. Anyway, their site layout is usually like this. There is a huge banner that contains an image that perfectly encapsulates what the entire site is all about (in this particular site you will see a very sexy photo of London Keyes herself). If you are visiting a porn star-specific site like this one, there would be a section on the right panel that contains some information about the particular porn star. The information may vary from one star to another, but it usually contains the star’s birthday, her birth place, and her likes. Sometimes, this panel also contains a list of awards that the porn star has won, and her vital statistics. And then, after the banner and side panel, you will next see the different thumbnails presenting the porn site’s recent uploads. These are not limited to just videos alone. You are also going to see photo albums here too. It is also important to note that their photo albums are also especially prepared as such, and not just a photo album version of a video.

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Of course, it is more than obvious that the girl that you are going to see here is London Keyes, after all, the entire porn site is named after her! London Keyes has the Asian heritage, but she is actually raised in the United States. Hence, her culture is definitely from the West. If you are not that familiar with her yet, then she actually resembles the more popular Asian porn queen, Asa Akira. We are not aware, though, if the two had actually made a project together, but if they had, then that would be really awesome! If you are interested in other porn stars, then you do not need to worry as well. London actually invites and works with other equal porn stars within her site as well. In fact, just recently, she has worked with Mia Lelani in making a couple of porn videos which you would still be able to watch if you visit her site.

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If you really are interested in watching other porn stars, though, then you can explore other porn star sites in the Puba network as well. Who knows, your favorite porn star might have her own site over there as well!

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