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Lucas Entertainment


Michael Lucas is one of the forerunners of the gay porn industry and even though he has been a controversial figure, he has grabbed the spotlight and has helped Lucas Entertainment become one of the most popular gay porn websites in the internet. Lucas has been a porn star and his experience in the industry helped him network and form the largely successful Lucas Entertainment. He has been a magnet for some of the hottest gay porn stars joining the Lucas Entertainment bandwagon and some of the hottest masculine models feature on the website. You will find some amazing performances across 1600 videos and regular updates keep popping in on the website so users of the website do not have to worry about running out of content to see. There are videos spread across several categories and you will not only find scene that will raise the heat but also full-length movies with some great performances. The full feature films are of very high quality and you will find them to be highly entertaining to say the least. Some of the current content is quite amazing and is sets the bar for gay porn. However, the best content at Lucas Entertainment comprises of live streams. You will get to experience some cock action in front of your eyes live! The excellent performances are not to be missed, and if you want to tune into these streams for some masculine action that will get your testosterones all charged up then you should definitely consider becoming a member of the website. Members can also get access to all the uploaded videos and download them to their PCs or other handheld devices. The community is also quite active and you will find users discussing their favorite porn stars, movies and a lot more. You also get to access all of the content on the Lucas Entertainment Network including SexInsults and LucasRaunch. The website also caters to range of niche categories you will not find at other websites. With over 1600 downloadable videos and regular live streams, the overall experience that users get is value for money. You also get to text or chat with your fellow members in case you want to be friends with anyone you find on the website.

Design and Features

As soon as you sign up for a membership you will get access to a tour of the website which details all the things you need to know to be able to find your favorite porn easily. The user interface of the website is excellent and navigation is a breeze. The host of features that you get access can make your experience much better. You can download most of the scenes in HD and some of them are in standard resolution. Keeping your videos with on your PC or phone allows you to access. You get to access previews for all videos so you know the content of each video and identify the videos that you want to see. The member’s area also allows you to know more about the porn stars and what videos they star in, making your searches easier. Then navigation panels are very easy to use and you will be able to find all you need using the easy to use menus. You will also find a range of pay as you go options as well if you are looking for exclusive content only. The user interface of the website is very streamlined and using the website is a breeze. You will not have any difficulties in streaming videos or other content You not only get access to videos but also high resolution images of men making love to each other that will surely titillate your senses. You can download all of the videos directly to your PC or any other handheld device. Searching for videos is also easy thanks to the smart suggestions that the page offers based on your previous searches and category preferences. Lucas Entertainment is truly one of the websites that gay porn lovers will love exploring.

Men and videos

The men at Lucas Entertainment are some of the most masculine males you will ever see. They have perfectly ripped bodies and even better penises. The stars at Lucas Entertainment are called LucasMen and some of the hottest stars include Valentino Medici, Michael Lachlan and Sergeant Miles. There are hundreds of porn stars with over 1600 videos and Lucas makes sure no two videos are similar. The creative minds at Lucas Entertainment make sure there is fresh content always available for the members and you will surely find some amazing videos that cover all of the niches in gay porn. You can download the videos to your PC or mobile and you have multiple resolutions to choose from based on your internet speeds. Even if you do not have access to internet, you will be able to have fun in your free time. Some of the best movies at the website include Bareback Sex Fest, Kings of New York and ASSASSIN. You get to access not only high quality gay porn videos but also some of the best live streams you will ever find. Quality gay porn is very hard to find but there is practically nothing amiss at Lucas Entertainment.


The website is one of the best gay porn websites and has over 1600 videos already uploaded. You will not have any difficulties finding any kind of specific videos as Lucas Entertainment makes sure the needs of every single person who signs up for the website are catered to. You will find some hardcore action or even some lighter stuff when you’re not in the mood to get too messy. One of the primary reasons the website has become successful is the great user community and you will not only be able to access high quality videos and streams but also be able to interact with other members and talk about your favorite porn stars and videos at Lucas Entertainment.

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