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Most porn sites give you content where a couple get to have sex from the word go, whereas reality is very different. Foreplay, kissing, feeling every inch and curve of the body, blowing warm air into the erogenous zones, intimate touching of bodies, and tickling are considered to be important aspects of the sex. The best way to experience all these aspects of sex is by massaging each other’s bodies, and taking a warm shower together. The wetness that these activities bring to the cocks and pussies has no parallel and hence, sex a wonderful experience. One site that offers such a wonderful sex experience is MightyRods.

MightyRods is a premium quality porn video site, which focuses on sluts massaging a stud’s body, giving special attention to his cock. It is a site, which understands that if it treats its porn stars well, the sexual experience they offer will be much better than it would have been otherwise. That’s where massaging comes in. Massaging is a way to pamper a guy’s or a girl’s body, and the masseuse or masseur get equally horny watching the guy or girl moan to the firm hands and bodies slithering over theirs. Such a massage works wonders and the result is a sex that is genuine, natural and enjoyable by the respective porn stars as well as the audience.

Site Features

When you first land on MightyRods, you will notice that it has been designed in a very unique manner. You will see that the site has been created with the intention of making you feel as good as possible. You will see that it was designed with the intention of maximizing your experience to the point where you will have complete and utter satisfaction. One of the reasons why the sites layout makes you feel so good is its great color scheme. The colors used on the site are indigo and black. They are colors that truly work well together.

The site has an intuitive interface with videos set in thumbnail boxes set against a black primary background. The borders and fonts are purple colored. The combination of the two colors gives the site a real feminine touch. It makes all posted content to stand out well on the site. The purple color especially adds great sexual flavor to the site. The kind of flavor which gets you going wet down in your pants before you even begin watching any videos. The video thumbnails have the names of featured models below them and are arranged in grid format for easy toggling. Navigational buttons are well placed and labeled on the site for easy navigation.

MightyRods has an archive of about 100 HD quality porn videos with new updates being added on a regular basis. The videos which are available at the highest resolution of 720 x 548 @ 1400 kbps can be, downloaded onto various personal devices including mobile devices in, MOV, MO4 and WMV file formats. They can also be streamed onto a flash player which is embedded on the site if you prefer watching online. The compatibility of the files with different personal devices makes carrying them around quite easy. It makes it possible for you to watch your videos anywhere and at anytime which is convenient for you. The site also offers images. There are about 100 photo sets available for free download. The photo sets contain about 60 photos each and they can be downloaded in ZIP file format.

The Content

The girls featured by MightyRods are the hottest and sexiest to have ever graced the porn movie scene. They are girls that after being pampered and treated well turn round to also pamper and treat their men well. The girls are endowed with the most beautiful bodies you have ever seen. Their boobs are so perky, rounded and full that you won’t mind squeezing them for the rest of your life. Their nipples are so pointed while erect that you can suck them for the whole night. Their waistlines are so slim that they are perfect for being held onto while banging the girls from the rear. Their perfect round asses will get you shooting into your boxers in no time.

There is a wide variety for you to choose from when it comes to girls. There are ebony beauties, slutty Latinas, shy Indians, and eternally beautiful Europeans and so on. In fact, there is a girl for every man on the site depending on preferences. The common feature to all of them is that they know exactly what to do in bed to get you shooting cum all over the place due to the pleasure you are getting.

The porn videos you will get to watch on the site are the best there are anywhere. The acts of the girls and their partners in the clips are real and not faked. You can discern this if you look closely at the way they react especially as they approach orgasm. Take the case of Dana in one of the clips as an example. After having her brains fucked out by Mandingo’s monster dong, after he had taken her to the peak of cloud nine, she just gave a loud moan of pleasure, shook severally as if shocked by electricity and collapse forwards as she climaxed. Would you call that fake? You too can give such hot horny sluts such emotional reactions. You can get to feel the warmth and the tightness of their little horny pots. The only catch is that you must become a member of MightyRods before that can be possible.

Quick Resume

Finding a site you can truly depend on is something, which is rare in the porn world. You will gain access to a highly optimized porn experience and several other bonuses created specifically for you on the site. The site offers you one of the best experiences with its variety of girls and content. Additionally, the free access and bonuses offer are the best reason you need to sign up to MightyRods. There are three different plans for you to choose from, a monthly, quarterly or an annual plan, with the annual plan giving you significant savings.

The site is no longer updated. Take a look at EvilAngel!

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