Moms In Control

Moms In Control

The Site

This idea may not be that new but for a whole site to invest on the very idea of it has really amplified its potential. It has gathered quite a crowd of porn lovers even though it’s still quite new. I also know for a fact that it’s really very addictive. New situations being presented by using the step mom and step girl concept. You will see a lot of back stories from each scene, which can actually prove quite seductive and also draws you more into the sexual intimacy it portrays. One of the main reasons why ‘momsincontrol’ website has become very popular is maybe because of the fact that it delves into the taboo of our society. You must admit, normal types of porns have become a little bit boring nowadays. People want something new, something thrilling and invasive, something a bit more extraordinary. These are the grounds that ‘momsincontrol’ website treads upon. Now get ready to experience a whole generation of porn videos. Let’s take a look at its finest.

Site Features

The website is graphically amazing. It’s themed with white and pink, holding a kind of good girl type of fonts and designs but once you look on the highlights you’ll mind will be blown. You’ll see a lot, and I mean, a lot of previews of their videos scenes, but of course only sample videos will be shown to non-members. But nonetheless, it really gives you what you’re looking for and what you’ll be expecting once you become a member! The trailers of this site is totally amazing too. You’ll also find no trouble in finding your way around the site since the texts are displayed quite big and presentable for their members. I should also applaud the descriptions; it totally dishes out the things you’d want to expect once you watch the video. A feature worth mentioning to is that ‘momsincontrol’ is part of the Brazzers network, of which I’m sure you are quite familiar with because of its popularity and awards every year. Great news for Brazzer fans because if you become a member of momsincontrol, you will have 33 sites given to you for free! Absolutely free with no additional registrations and payments, you’ll be using this one single account. If you’ve been watching brazzer videos, you’ll know what I mean when I say this is one of the best offers there is when it comes to porn websites. Another thing about their homepage is that you’ll find everything you’ll be looking first when you’re at their homepage, you don’t need to go through a lot of hyperlinks or references. At the homepage you’ll find the videos and the search bar as well, it’s a common feature but never grows old for porn watchers like us!

The Content

The women in this site are really amazing when it comes to acting out the scenes. You’ll notice that the Step moms are busty, big boobs, and well versed with the art of sex and intimacy, they go with a lot of colors and sizes too. You’ll find Brazilians, Latinas, brits, redheads, blondies and brunets too. The sweet girl, on other hand are slim, sexy and very naïve. It’s also pretty obvious that their not that talented when it comes to sex. The mother usually catches them when they’re about to have sex and noticed how dumb or clueless her girl is and offers to give some motherly advice by showing a demonstration about how it’s really done. They’d do a lot of things too like blowjobs, threesomes, even tit sucking. They also do masturbations, light lesbian plays and various other sex acts and threesome plays in all videos. When it comes to locations they go all out with this one. you’ll be seeing a lot of auctioning happening in living rooms, bedrooms, showers, basements, offices and other places where the girl and her girlfriend would be attempting to have sex. With all this creativity, its certain you won’t get bored. The maximum video resolution is 1920×1080 (1080). This size is no joke if you know what I mean. It can easily give you top quality entertainment even if you play this video on a widescreen TV. The Average playback time of their videos is 30 to 50 minutes. You can download the video in WMV and MP4 formats. They also have photos. Upload frequency is 2-3 galleries per month and also reaches the size of 2500×1600 pixels. Their also packed up in zip files and slideshows too. When it comes to the number of scenes, they won’t hold back on this one. They’d amount to about 7,000 plus exclusive scenes with porn actors that reach a number of 2,000 stars. If that’s not enough they have guaranteed daily updates and they place no limit to their downloads and streaming. As a bonus, if you have a smartphone, they’d like you to have your free mobile applications so you could access your account to their site for free anywhere as long as you have a connection.

Quick Resume

I’d have to say. This site really did well. They offer a lot of free stuff and high quality content too. A porn site this big and this popular is the number one choice for any porn lover. If I should rate this site, I’ll go as far as to say that this site is the number one site in its category. You’ll never grow tired with its content and quality performance. Even the website itself is pretty neat. The design and the previews is sure to grasp any unknowing surfer’s attention. So if I were you, I’d stop searching for more sites and just join in the fun and witness stepmom’s and step girl’s unending action on your screen! That’s all for now! If you liked what you read, you can check out their website right away!

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