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I have been a reviewing one porn site to another, to be honest, the porn sites these days have gotten really quite repetitive. So I asked myself, “will there ever be a porn site that has something NEW!?”. Today I was tasked to review a site called Mongocams. I thought this was gonna be just another porn site where there are videos and stuff, but I was greatly mistaken. This is my first time to actually see a porn site that is very unique and diverse, because, Mongocams, will not be giving you any videos, there won’t be any downloading here, and there sure as hell won’t be that much money to be taken from your pocket.

Why? Because finally, porn has taken the next step, of bringing the porn star into your hands. What I meant by that is, you finally get to interact with the porn star through those screens and actually TALK TO THEM. I’m not joking! It is YOU who will have an opportunity to flirt, interview, or even have some cybersex action with the models themselves LIVE! They will see you, they will hear what you have to say about them, and they will sure as hell give you entertainment, knowing, you’re watching them. I’ve never been more than excited to actually have found a website to write a blog about. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this review of Mongocams.

Site Features

Today, we’re gonna be talking a lot about the site’s features and interactions. You see, EVERYTHING that will be happening here in Mongocams is 100% live. No scams whatsoever, it’s not like one of those automated replies you get from botchats. This is the REAL THING! You’ll be seeing the models themselves facing you from their screen and reading your chats. You’ll see them typing, talking and even perform for you on camera. The site is themed with black and red. The moment you’ll be entering the site you’ll be seeing very long rows and columns of models. In their picture there will be an indicator below to tell you if their online or offline. If they are online, just click the picture, and you’ll be joining a chatroom and see them live.

If you want to have a private session with them, you’ll have to register with a free account. Yes, you heard it. PRIVATE SESSION. Just you and your dream girl. Face to face. Now in the top left corner of the screen there’s a tab that says ‘what’s happening’. When you click it, it will lead you to a page where the newest LIVE SHOWS, and popular MODELS are LIVE so that you could join in the fun too. Now here’s another great feature of Mongocams that you’ll surely come to love. It is called the ‘specialty cams’ you can find it in the homepage. After you click its drop down, you can be able to select what type of model you want to meet. There are many categories such as Celebrity, Tattoos, Strippers, Muscle chicks, Leather, Pornstar, and many more.

Now if you’re using phone there’s also another filter that says “features”. If you click that drop down you’ll see options like Phone 2 Phone, Audio and High Definition. Now if you really wanna go supper specific, there’s also the Gallery section. When you click ‘Gallery’, you’ll be led to a page where all the filters will be given to you. There’s even an added filter where you can choose what country you’d like your model to belong to, and also what color their eyes should be, their boob size, their age, and even their ethnicity. I doubt you’ll be having trouble finding what you want with this kind of filtering system. All in all, the website’s features are pretty high-end. They really did well making their website work this way.

The Content

The girls here are mostly amateurs. But I’m sure that won’t pose as a problem, since, EVERYBODY LOVES AMATEURS! It’s amazing how these girls would bravely try to face your animal instincts and try their best to satisfy you. Their shy and innocent character is just written all over their faces. It’s really enjoyable seeing them interacting in the chats. So if you want to have some solo time with them, just go ahead and press Private Chat and you’re there!

The video quality is actually pretty decent for a webcam chat. The quality is comparable to that of the Paranormal Activity movies. You can clearly see what the porn star is doing but be sure to have a good internet connection. If you’re courageous enough, there’s also a feature called Cam 2 Cam. Yes, it meant what you think it means. You and the Model will go one on one, and actually SEEING EACH OTHER. That’s as close as you can get to these hot girls! Think of all the cybersex action you could do with this feature! This is an offer that’s really hard to pass up!

Quick Resume

But the idea of their porn style is what really made it super awesome. This could change the way we see porn in the future. You could even use sex toys and other stuff. The video quality is also good. So as for my final words. I’d really recommend this site if you’re finally fed up with all the porn videos all over the net. If you’re finally bored since none of those stars even give a damn that you’re drooling all over them already. This site is the answer. This site is the beginning of the end of porn. If you’re happen to be a model that’s looking for a simple job, Mongocams is also a good choice, since you could easily work at the comfort of your own home! A solid 100% from me!

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