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My Wife Ashley

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If Ashley is your wife, then you probably would not have allowed her to have sex with other men. She is a hot babe with a sexy figure and chances are that you would have her totally for yourself. Luckily her husband does not feel the same way because if he did, then we wouldn’t have had the website My Wife Ashley and that would have been a real shame. Yes folks, you guessed it right. This is a website which provides amateur wife porn videos. In this website, a babe named Ashley is the star of the show. As you visit the website you will know about the ways in which she explores her sexual feelings towards, well pretty much everyone she comes in contact with. This proves to be extremely adequate as it will allow you browse through a host of videos featuring her fucking with various chicks or dicks. Ashley, by all means is a beautiful women and the way she goes about her business is breath-taking. She is very personable and is quite amazing to watch on screen. As you visit the website, you can learn about her by just clicking on the option “about me.” Plus you will also get the option of learning a tad more by viewing the preview video which she offers. Ashley herself reveals that she along with her husband started the website a few years ago after meeting up with another pair who had their own amateur porn website. From them she and her husband understood the fun in it and that was when My Wife Ashley was given birth. Right at the beginning, the website focussed on soft-core porn and as their client base increased they shifted into the hard-core stuff. However the website is solely for adults- people who are over 18 or 21 years old based on the jurisdictions applied in different places for the age limit. You will find numerous porn websites of the same genre who provide amateur wives getting down and dirty, taking cocks of other men inside their mount and giving them a chance to explore their glory holes. This website is also of the same category, but there are some notable differences which you will find here. The biggest reason being Ashley off-course! She is the kind of women who you always dream of, hoping against hope that someday you get a change to feel her beautiful body and find your way inside her pussy. With this website, your dreams will turn into a reality. You will find many videos, with Ashley fucking in different situations. You will also find the entire situation expressed in Ashley’s own words such as-“I meet this guy online and he agrees to meet up. I invite him home and then he gives me a good bone to chew on, I met this guy Maddox and his cock was huge. I just loved the way be blew by pussy and I cumed on his dick hard” and many more of such erotic encounters. Watching Ashley, the first thing which comes to mind (apart from the fact that she is a gorgeous woman) is she is an amateur wife. But as you visit the website and go through her videos, you will be astounded by the way she goes about her business. She is quite the performer. The expressions and her sexual cries is enough to make any person excited. You will find her fucking with different hot dudes as well as rubbing breasts or drilling pussies with sex toys or vegetables with other hot women. In simple words, the website offers unlimited fun and will prove to be a happy hunting ground for you.

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Though the website is not as great as some of the other amateur porn websites which you find over the internet, it is good. The menus and category lists are displayed at the top of the web page and with just a single click you will be taken to the part which you want to explore. It is easily navigable and the user interface is also quite impressive. As you visit the home page, you will find lots of erotic contents and also numerous links or feeds for videos. Members will be benefitted with bevy bonuses. If you desire to become a member, you can simply create your membership account by going to the join info page. It you desire to know about Ashley or read her blogs, you can also do that easily. All the menus will be present within your eye-line and by just a single click you will be able to find out whatever you desire. You will also get a free preview of some of the best videos in the website which you can watch online.

The Content

Ashley is the star attraction of the website and here you will find her in a host of different erotic adventures. You will find her taking it from behind or sitting atop a huge cock and screaming out in pleasure. You may also find her engaging with some women, fingering or getting fingered, fisting, playing around with vibrators or licking pussies or asses. You will find her in duos, threesome and even foursome videos, playing around with cocks, getting smothered in cum, riding on a big bone or even getting drilled by two dicks at the same time. The action is simply intense and will surely leave you amazed. The videos are shot with high definition cameras capturing every single action. The sound clarity is also clear. Most of the videos are in HD formats except for the very old ones. The same goes for the pictures. The pictures are also clear and lively. The website has no download limit and you can watch the videos directly online too.

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There is no download limit which is another high point of the website. Plus it is easily navigable. So just log into and enjoy the naughty adventures of Ashley.

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