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During the great world wars, the toughest men were those in the military, particularly the marines who were at sea fighting for the liberty of different countries, defending their own homelands from ruthless dictators who only seek power. Even until today, these wars are still happening, and with the help of our fine soldiers, we can enjoy what peace we thankfully have. Every single day, though, this peace is being threatened, and every single day these brave men give their lives for us.

Hence, it is not a big surprise that there are a lot of people who get easily turned on with hot brave military dudes, both ladies and gay people alike. Don’t worry, this is not going to be a history lesson. I retired as well learning those things way back. What we are going to talk about today though is a porn site that we have recently found, where people who enjoy military niches would find themselves at home a porn site called NakedMarine.

NakedMarine is a gay porn site that features straight military men being subjected to gay sex. I’m sure our gay brethren would surely enjoy this type of niche because it is the perfect combination of sizzling hot dudes, submission, dominance, and a hint of patriotism.
There are a lot of other gay porn sites out there, but let me tell you, in all this time that I have been searching great porn sites and writing reviews for them for a living, this is the first time that I have come across a particular porn site that is solely dedicated to this type of niche.

Sure, you will be able to find these type of videos elsewhere, since this niche is becoming increasingly popular, but you would have to find each one of them across different gay porn sites. Coming up with a collection would take some time, not to mention a huge deal of money because you would need to sign up for membership for different porn sites and meticulously search for them.

Site Features

I personally enjoyed the website design of the porn site. They have stuck to the military theme through and through with their camouflage graphics, dog tags and more. I honestly have the similar thing going on in my bedroom, so I totally dig this design. The “Enlist Now” sign for the sign-up link is also a nice extra touch.
The header is pretty simple. It’s not like the other flashy banners from the other porn sites where you’re going to see a bunch of pictures?

No, there’s none of that here. Just a simple banner with the site’s logo on it and that is it.
Scrolling down you will then see a couple of previews representing their latest videos. These previews are made up of different sized thumbnails and finally a preview trailer of their own. This trailer only goes for a minute but it is more than enough to show you what the entire video is about.

The Content

Speaking of videos, the quality of the videos that you are going to see in this is really amazing. They are all in high-definition and yet they are incredibly fast to stream and download. This porn site obviously has really fast servers.
As for the dudes that you are going to see here, it is important to note that you are not simply going to see just men from the marines, but different guys coming from different kinds of military service such as the special unit and the air unit. You are even going to see some firefighters here.

To sum up, the dudes that you are going to witness getting fucked big time are heroes.
There truly is something about heroes and the way they have sculpted their bodies due to the battles that they have been too, and while saving people, there is something about these guys that makes it difficult to not be impressed and pumped up!

Hence, I am really not surprised with the big membership number of this porn site and why there are a lot of people who dig this type of niche. I was only not a straight guy, I would totally go for this kind of porn. Like I said, NakedMarine is one rare porn site to be offering this type of niche and find these videos all in one place, so do not miss the opportunity.

Quick Resume

If you are really a big fan of these types of videos, then I suggest that you sign up for this porn site already. The sign-up procedure is simple. All you need to do is to click the “Enlist Now” link and it will already lead you to the sign-up page. The page contains two sections. The first section is the member’s information part. They just need to know the username that you’d want to use and create a password to log-in to the site.

They will also ask for an email address. It doesn’t have to be your office or personal email. I have an entirely different email address just for porn. And there’s a tick box there asking you if you would want to receive emails from them. Unchecking that box means that you’re not going to get any emails or updates. I personally advise that you should be on their email list as well, because you’ll never know when they’re going to have special membership perks and free stuff.

Finally, on the second section, that’s where you’re going to find their membership plans. There are four plans available: a trial one, a one-month plan, a two-month plan, and a monthly plan. It’s just up to you to decide.

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