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Nikita Von James is a veteran porn star who is usually identified by her extra-large bouncy boobs. However, on her personal porn site, she lets all her fans know that she has more than big breasts to recommend her. If you have never heard of this beauty, you must have been living in a cave as she has been able to dominate the adult industry single-handedly. This website is the best place to discover what a sex maniac Nikita is. One thing is for sure; you will love every moment of the action. The content on the website features lesbian encounters, big black cocks, threesomes and a lot of sexual dynamism.

The explosive content on the site is all that you need to rediscover how kinky you truly are. Straight from mother Russia, Nikita Von James is most definitely the greatest person to hail out of the county. Nikita Von James has had immeasurable experience in the porn universe and this is what makes up for the most wonderful sex scenes. Nikita is the kind of beauty that you would stare at all day without getting weary of her beauty. Thus, signing up on this site is truly worth it.

This porn star gives all the blondes out there a good name. Although blondes are not hard to find when they get lost in the dark, it’s obvious that if you had this hottie in your bed, you would never let her out of your sight. Truth be told, all the porn stars are not perfect. There are those who are overly gorgeous than others. Nikita Von James is the most beautiful of them all. The content is not only hardcore, there are also soft-core scenes that you will have a blast watching.

The site promises high definition content and daily delivers on this promise. As an individual model webs site, NikitaVonJames comprises of 60+ high definition movies. The content is a mixture of exclusive and non-exclusive scenes that may be seen on other solo sites. As the website has regular updates, members should always look forward to new and sophisticated content anytime that they log in. Nikita Von James has a lot of extras. The site has a blog where Nikita shares on her daily life or even the most random experiences. There is also a live show archive, live feeds and plenty of movies.

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The site’s tour revolves around the members’ area. Here, you will be able to find 60+ videos that are a combination of previews and full-length clips. Initially, the site hosted content in windows media format and MP4, however, all the new content is in HD format. The variety of the content makes this site really stand out. The videos are not dated and it is evident that the site has an irregular upload schedule.

Despite the fact that the updates have a big gap, there is plenty to check out in between the updates. A ‘coming soon’ section would be really convenient for the site’s members because they would be able to know the videos to expect next but the site is lacking in this. Even though, as a member, you will still enjoy what is provided. The update schedule of this site is a little bit wanting, especially because it seems like new material has not been updated over the months now. Sometimes, the site will add some ‘freshness’ in a few particular areas but this is hardly anything from Nikita Von James.

This may be very disappointing to some fans but look at the brighter side of things; any good thing worth having is worth waiting for. The NikitaVonJames website has really tried to keep up with all the latest specifications in the provision of its content. You can’t be mad about that.

The Content

For those who have known Nikita over the years, her bisexual nature has always enabled her to film the best adult movies. When it comes to her body, Nikita is God’s perfect creation. She has platinum blonde hair that will endlessly make you want to run your fingers inside them, make up that is toned down and yet looks professional oversized pair of breasts that I would give up the world just to suck and long legs that do not quit. In every essence, she is the beautiful woman that she was meant to be. My heart always skips a bit anytime I come in contact with her.

Her lesbian encounters are truly sultry and epic. Most of the movies have her dressed in sexy stockings or lingerie. The way her costumes accentuates her body will bring any man to a standstill. When she wants to get away from the crowd and is by herself, Nikita shows off her skills in using sex toys to masturbate. If men do not get the job done then strap-ons will! Often when she is part of full on sexual scenes, she invites her fellow porn star to spice up the action with their womanly touch.

Nikita Von James is an expert in doggy style, missionary style, and all other sexual positions. Anytime she is fucked, she seems to have everything in the right proportion in order to enjoy that orgasm. And if there is one thing we know about her. She always gets what she wants. Her male partners cannot help but go crazy at her sight. She is everything that you could hope for.

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The NikitaVonJames website gives you double doses of what it promises on its measure. The flicks have the best specifications and therefore, entertainment is brought to you in its best form. The content is high quality and allows for different viewing methods. There are also no limits as to how many movies you can enjoy in a single day. Nowadays, that is a perk that does not commonly come with many adult websites.

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