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I must say, every now and again, I wished to suck my boss’ cock for a promotion. Anyone who understands the nature of office work knows that it can be very hard to feet to the top and we have to use everything in our power to succeed. After all, it is a cruel world. When porn sites like OfficeSexJp, exists, they solidify the fact that there are many perverts, just like me in the world. While this may be highly inappropriate, it is certainly consoling because we can vicariously live through the men and women on OfficeSexJp.

Most especially the women! While you may be catching a lunch break, they are definitely eating a lot of cum. The secretaries on the site do not jot down notes, but they perfectly understand the language of dick-tation. As part of the renowned AllJapanesePassNetwork, all your quality needs will be well-taken care of. The lighting on the scenes is exceptional and the backdrops are truly amazing. Although the scenes are of DVD quality, they speak volumes of the professionalism that can be found on OfficeSexJp. It is also great to see that the site is embracing all the benefits that come with HD quality viewership.

The content on the site is scripted because some of the action is good to be true. This is basically what you see on movies and the scenes here are not far from it. OfficeSexJp comes from a respectable network that boasts of over 28,000 scenes that have been sourced from over 9,000DVDs. This also means that the site has a reliable update schedule, therefore, it is perfectly okay to be excited about what you will see when you log onto the site. Numbers never lie and OfficeSexJp has all the backing up that will let you know that it is great site. On this site, you can firmly believe that all work without play, makes these Japanese hotties really dull girls.

They see the need to spice things up with sexual encounters of the best kind. This is not your average adult site and if you are used to a boring every day work routine, OfficeSexJp will show you that you have so much to live for. The sex is raunchy and thrilling at same time. OfficeSexJp may be the first adult site to take things from the board room to the bedroom. All your sexual fantasies will be fulfilled on this site. Competing with Japanese adult sites is a daunting task, therefore, other sites of a similar nature do not easily rise to the occasion as far as content provision is concerned.

It doesn’t hurt that this site mainly focuses on provision of the best and it has been able to build a collection that boasts of over 770scenes. OfficeSexJp does not have any video galleries and even though the scenes are not exclusive to this site alone, it still accounts for A+ entertainment. There is lots to see and this collection should be able to keep you busy and entertained for a long time.

Site Features

Finding your way through the members area has brought pretty easy especially because the site has brought everything together in a straightforward way. It does not matter the category that you want to jump to, you will be able to make flawless transitions. The menu at the top of the page will enable you to access the latest updates, network sites and even build a favorites area. Below the menu is a video that has been updated lately.

The site showcases newly updated videos from time to time. However, you can also go the update section and check for the latest uploads yourself. When it comes to exploring other areas of the site, you will find all the links incredibly helpful. All the flicks have varying lengths, they run for 10 to 50 minutes in general. You are at liberty to download the ones that catch your fancy. You can enjoy them at low quality Mp4, normal quality MPEG and high quality AVI format. Thankfully, clarity and cluster are not an issue on this site.

The Content

The sexy ladies on OfficeSexJp are a mix of MILFs and a few mature looking women. The site deemed it best to have these groups of women because they best represent ‘established career women’ those who work in office. From time to time, you will be able to see fresh faces. In the real world, they would be considered as interns. They mainly spice up the scenes.

The women are either coerced or willing to have these sexual encounters. Some of them love sucking and fucking old cock while a few present themselves as cougars who are out to please their bosses. They will clearly do anything to keep their jobs and even though fucking clauses may not appear in their employment contracts, they are definitely skilled at it more than they are at their office jobs.

The sex is hardcore. Sometimes, the bosses get lucky and get to enjoy two or three of the women at once. These makes for interesting group sex sexual ventures. They blow cocks as if their lives depend on it, get their pussy eaten, experiment with all fucking styles, masturbate and pretend to be girls in costumes or sexy hostages who ended up all their bosses office desks ‘somehow’. Either way, they show their bosses who the ‘real boss’ is and times, they end up at the top.

Quick Resume

OfficeSexJp is a great ice breaker, especially because we are so used to porn sites that focus on household settings. It is great to see that the adult industry still has a lot of entertainment to offer. The site has the best quality content and a large amount of scenes to enjoy. This simply means that you can never go wrong with OfficeSexJp.

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