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Only Cuties

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If you love beautiful girls, and you also enjoy only watching them posing and masturbating, you will certainly feel entertained by the great videos of this website. In case you are looking for hard sex, you can even find it here – the common point that ties together the hard and the soft material on this site is that it features only cuties. The “cutie” in fact is a standalone category nowadays, and it means those hot chicks who are a not too tall, have nice face and a gorgeous, totally natural body.

The OnlyCuties focuses on these kinds of models, and if you start exploring its collection, you will eventually come to the conclusion that this site has exactly what you have been looking for. This isn’t a new site: it’s nearly ten years old, and since its launch in 2007 it has been growing and growing. Nowadays, after more than 3000 update occasions, there is a huge collection for you to enjoy. The content seems to come on a daily basis: the updates are alternating between a set of photos and a video, that’s why you will find it out soon that half of the collection features photos, and another half consists of videos.

This site has enough content for everyone to enjoy, and we are certain that you will find this collection to be satisfactory. If you like to watch hardcore porn, and you don’t mind if there are only cuties in the flicks, you are going to enjoy watching the site’s videos very much. Some bonuses are also included, and we happy to recommend them to your attention. There are live cam shows for you to join, where you could even get some of the cuties of the site to be your subs – or your dominator. In case you are looking for extra videos, the HannahsHoneyPot offers some more videos to enjoy. We actually don’t believe that the OnlyCuties could need more than this.

Site Features

Quite surprisingly, the site’s tour is very good. It’s not just about teasing your eyes, but you also get some real stuff to enjoy. The design is not the most modern, but at least the layout is easy to learn, so it won’t be hard to navigate – though it’s only the tour. They placed a menu on the top, where you can reach some aspects of the site. We recommend that you rather check the three preview videos listed in the middle-area of the site: these clips will show you that there are going to be lesbian, straight and solo videos too. The preview videos are good in quality, and they play nicely – if the actual movies are loading this fast, then it will be a pleasure to watch them online.

Now, it’s time take a look on the actual content of the site. The signup process is really quick, and when you are done, you can start exploring the videos of this site. You will find an extended menu on the top of the page, and it has really pink color, so it won’t be hard to find it. The models’ list, the discounts and the webcams are all are reachable via this menu. A bit lower they placed a banner, and you can find a preview of the upcoming releases. The actual content is listed somewhat lower. Advanced navigation tools are not offered, you have to browse the collection as it is. But, there are some really good flicks, so you should really take your time and see what you can find here.

The videos at the OnlyCuties are available for downloading, and you can also watch them online. For viewing the flicks in the browser you have to use the Flash-player embedded on each video’s page. The streaming is a good choice if you don’t like waiting, because the videos load up quickly, and every scene has different quality settings for you. On the other hand, you can enjoy the videos in their full glory when you download them. MP4 files are what you can download, and they come in the same settings as the streams. The maximum you can get here is a truly fine 720p. Concerning the photo galleries, they are true HQ stills, captured with a good camera. Many of them are showing something different from the videos, and you have the option to save them as zip files.

The Content

These chicks are real cuties. They are coming from the 20-25 years old range, and many of them are probably fresher. It looks like that most hotties here are Europeans, so if you get turned by watching foreign girls getting drilled or showing off their fine assets, you will feel horny all the time you visit this site. We wouldn’t say that the girls are amateurs, but they are not the big-shot professionals either. The European origin also depicts that the chicks here are usually Caucasians, and hardly any ethnics are present. But, the things these cuties are doing is really fine and hardcore.

And though one would think the solo videos are boring, but these girls are also sticking sex-toys in their ass while they finger themselves. And the vegetables they found in their kitchen are used in “alternate” ways. Also, there are many videos which feature lesbian sex, with licking, fingering and insertion into any hole.

Quick Resume

The OnlyCuties has some really neat sex for you to enjoy. With the daily updated collection, the site has a lot to show you, and there is always more coming. Though it’s practically a standalone site, we recommend it for you to join, since there are hot girls, regular updates, and increasing video quality, so the whole thing is getting better and better. There is just enough content to keep anyone busy for a time, and if cuties are your thing, the OnlyCuties will certainly interest you.

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