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Statistics show that a lot of divorces out there are as a result of the inability of the couple to reinvent sex and make it lively; same applies to boyfriend ditching girlfriend. Once the sex becomes dry and drab, without flavor and excitement like it used to be, be sure that union is heading for the rocks. The essence of this is that humans are not wired to fuck and have fun on the bed alone; trying out banging pussy and anal fucking in other places outside the house is great fun. OpenAirPleasures has taken the responsibility of training men and women out there in the art of lovely romantic and erotic sex out in the open; same with hardcore banging experiences too. It’s a site fully committed to using the expertise of super fine and horny models in the company of hunks with rock hard cocks getting some intense fun out in the open as they fuck each other with vigor. It’s a wonderful site like no other in the porn world. Fully loaded with the sexiest yet most talented chicks you could ever dream of. These girls fuck in places you have imagined but yet to cultivate the courage to try out. Right there on the open beach, on a hill during camping, at the picnic ground, and many other such spots where the air is fresh and the weather, soothing. The effect of open air sex can never be fully appreciated. It has the power to rejuvenate an ailing relationship, makes for more creative sex positions, and also revives the skin as it sweats and opens up to attract more fresh air. Indeed, the psychological and physiological advantages of fucking in the open can never be fully quantified; it is the best way of resurrecting a dead relationship. This makes OpenAirPleasures an adult site like no other. It entertains and educates the teeming users who are just hooked to its massive archives. The number of pretty girls involved, the volume of videos in the archive, the sheer number of genres, and the frequent daily updates stands this site out among the rest. As a member of the 21Sextury Network of great porn sites, one would have expected nothing less, anyway. This network has proven over time that it has the best girls, the best creative directors, the most advanced recording equipment, and the best technological experts who put all these together for the delight of users across the world. OpenAirPleasures is, however, the top of the crop in this network. It is not just the leader through which others learn from on the network, it is also the industry leader blazing the trail for all porn sites in the world to follow. The videos are simply breathtaking; the girls are not just gorgeous, they are creative, talented, experienced, and full of verve to make any man cringe and moan uncontrollably.  Outdoor fucking has never been this good; on this site, rock hard monster cocks ram into soft, wet, and pink pussies and slide in and out with precision; long dicks are seen banging tight assholes like there would be no tomorrow; and we also get to see some of the craziest blowjobs, fast handjobs, awesome dildo fucking; threesomes, foursomes, and glorious gangbangs; and so much fun and education that would keep users in a spell all through.

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You think you know everything about hardcore adult entertainment; you think you have seen the best porn site; or you think the height of porn has been reached and therefore no room for improvements? Think again. The nonstop spectacle on OpenAirPleasures would completely redefine how you see, use, and love porn. This site is creatively designed to be the arrow head in the network, linking all users to all the breathtaking stuff both on it and others too. This explains why all the videos featured here are exclusively shot on HD super cameras with lenses that are sheer extraordinary beauties. The quality of images you find here are awesome and truly out of this world. Over 12, 000 unique and exclusive videos that translate to as long as 5,000 hours of nonstop hardcore pussy and asshole banging would simply take your breath away. No matter how much time you think you have, you can never finish consuming the amazing contents on this website. There are more than 3,000 different pretty chicks, well trained and motivated to give you the very best of sex actions on this site. This network boasts of as many as 20 bonus channels and 21 exclusive channels and more than 6,000 High Resolution photos all carefully arranged for your delight. And with two updates every day, you are sure never to see anything stale or dry. Only fresh contents that are banging for your enjoyment.

The Content

How many of over 3,000 brilliant, talented, and creative damsels can you remember; how many can you fall in love with; or how many would satisfy your curiosity? OpenAirPleasures has expended a whole lot of resources in finding only the sexiest, boldest, and most creative damsels all over the world to mesmerize and titillate you with spellbinding videos, awesome sex stunts, and exclusive fun. The girls are not just pretty, they are also well trained with all the right skills and talents to keep you glued to your screen all the time. So, whether it’s mature, fresh chick, blonde, brunette, or Asian that you desire to watch fucking outdoors, you’ve got them all here in abundance.

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