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Can I be honest for a bit? I know we’re supposed to be neutral or something but… I don’t know what other site can top this one. This site has gotten all the elements that makes hardcore porn what it is. HARDCORE. Imagine seeing a girl that’s like so impossible to lay with. Even just talking with her would seem so brave. Now imagine that girl being so fucking hot and beautiful. Like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Those are the kind of girls you’ll be seeing from this site, with sexual taste and talent like nothing before dude.

The site is called PropertySex. It’s all about Real estate agents getting it down and dirty with their clients so they could sell the house. But all I can say is that they gave a whole lot more than the house could ever hope to give. I’m not joking. The set-up is just fucking smart. I’m really amazed how the producers could have talked about this. Because this time, it’s not the guy that’s convincing the girl into sex. It’s the girl thinking of some way to convince the man.

And guess what, it’s mostly POV and there are live cams as well! Well I don’t want to spoil much from the introduction so why don’t we go straight to the heart of this site shall we? I promise, regrets are a thing of the past when it comes to this site I’ve seen members being members here for years already and are still very satisfied.

Site Features

So after all these years, the porn industry has finally taken a turn to give their audience exactly what they want and not just another pile of random fuck scenes where some might not even be worth watching. An example of those improvements that I was talking about is in the homepage of PropertySex itself. If you take a look at the thumbnails, they’re not just a group of pictures that gives you one frame from the video. You see, that’s not what we WANT. What we really want is to know what’s going on in that video so that we can be sure if it’s wasting time clicking on it and waiting for it to load. In PropertySex, all that’s gonna change, they’ve made the video thumbnails move like the video previews themselves.

It’s called a GIF image. And a whole lot of them. This is may just be one of the best features in all porn that I’ve seen so far. So thank you PropertySex. I’d also give some points to the site’s style. White, blue and black are really nice to go on when the site’s specializing on Real Estate Agents. Makes it all look dignified and such (until they get fucked in the live cams where they can’t get a time out). Anyway, moving on we have this very nice bonus for your porn hungry members. Are you familiar with the VIXENX network? Well they’re about to give you some hot fucking deal. When you become a member, all their sites? It’s all yours. I’m not joking.

The world renowned top porn industry is going to give you free access to all their networks. Man, you have to take this offer. No joke dude. Also, considering the fact that this site gives you unlimited downloads. That’s a whole fucking work to handle for one night. This site’s in it for the long haul you hear me? Now if you’re wondering where you could find the updates and news or even the most recent uploads, that’s gonna be the ALL UPDATES page. This site updates everything every week so there’re no worries for you.

The Content

I guess we can’t keep the secret any longer guys. So I’ll just blurt it out now. The top one Pornstar Mia Khalifa will stay in this site to satisfy the members. She’ll be a Real Estate Agent like all the girls in this site. Now if you’re not excited enough with that, don’t worry. The models in this site vary in races and language that you’ll feel a lot of heat just by watching the women do their thing. However, just a side note. Having a number one porn star in a website is not something you would easily ignore. This is something big I tell you. Now about the locations. They range from cabins, to Gardens, to Mansions, Luxury Houses and even go as far as fucking in the customer’s car.

You see some of these Real Estate Agents would be worried if their customer is feeling down or sad. So I promise you they’ll do their very best to wipe those sad faces out of the picture. Now if you’re planning to watch the videos tonight without consuming much of the internet, you can always download them. Download is free. No limits. No caps or any hidden charges. You can pick from any of these formats; 720p, 1080p, 480p, and 360p. All of these videos by the way are perfectly exclusive. So you can brag all you want having the videos that are for members only. Satisfying right? Well, let’s see how this site measures up with the competition.

Quick Resume

PropertySex is no underdog in the competition of the porn industry. All the models perform perfectly well. The camera angles have been placed in the right angles and even the close ups are perfectly timed during those hardcore moments. I love how they focus on the girl’s expressions during the climax.

The video quality and content count are very satisfactory as well. But I think one of the best thing from this site is the presence of Mia Khalifa and the bonus sites from Vixenx. These two elements are sure stuff to keep us all interested. So I guess for the final word.

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