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PuzPass is essentially and fundamentally a mega site that features and gives you access to the personal porn sites of over 40 girls and counting. These girls, of course, are pretty much blessed with gorgeous faces and banging hot bodies. Besides that though, these girls do get a kick out of showing the world what it is that they best do. These sweet ladies are going all out on masturbating, playing with different sorts of sex toys to heighten their pleasure, strip and tease, and even get fucked. Since PuzPass is a portal to 40 sites or so, the possibilities are just endless. The girls are of different ethnicities and, physically wise, very different from each other.

You have your brunettes, blondes, red heads, girls with black hair, oriental ladies, ebony, and many more. So, get ready for the time of your life because PuzPass will initially deliver the hottest piece of asses along with the steamiest and most sensual, if not, hardcore sex scenes ever known. Puzpass has been around for quite some time and the contents have just been growing ever since then. No known networks seem to be partnered with the mega site but keep your eyes open and peeled for more information later on. Now, get ready to be baffled and seduced by hot, steamy chicks engaging in even steamier sexual acts that will render you speechless.

Site Features

PuzPass has a pretty generic but minimalistic website interface. It is cleanly groomed and it does keep you on the loop with all the links hovering over at the homepage. Once at the homepage, you’ll almost immediately be greeted with a lot of links that will take you to some of the 40 individual porn sites. It is very easy to navigate and I never found myself lost or perplexed. The site as a whole is composed and systematic, so you don’t get thrown off balance when it comes to thorough maneuvering. At the moment, this power house mega site has almost 500 videos and 600 photo sets that keeps it strongly going. That number is also slowly rising as updates are happening daily and with 40 sites keeping the pace to a maximum, that does not really come as a surprise.

These 500 videos can both be streamed and downloaded. You will need a recent update of your Flash player if you wish to stream in your browser and all 40 sites will offer you a pixel resolution of 1024 x 576 but you can always adjust it. Downloads will offer you two options on which file format you would like to go for: MP4 or WMV. MP4 formats pack a slightly lower resolution compared to the WMV one but both are certainly of decent quality. The WMV format goes as far as 1280 x 720 with a 5000k bit rate. Photo sets contain 100 photos or more each and they have a dimension of 1600 x 1200. They are all in hi res and they can all be downloaded in zip files.

The Content

The girls of this mega site are of different varieties and it’s pretty easy to understand why. It is because PuzPass is radically and primarily an all in one site that chains over 40 other porn sites that belong to different kinds of girls. The model count is uncertain because it is not only the main girl present all the time, they have friends and guests over to share their sexual delights and sexual performances. These girls may vary from time to time and come in different shapes and sizes. You have lean girls, athletic girls, slim girls, curvy girls, and even chunkier ones. You also get different ethnicities like Europeans, Americans, Asians, and a whole lot more.

It’s also a mixture of white girls and ebony girls. So, when you pretty much think about, the grid residents the finest and the most cunning of ladies that star in sensuous and lascivious videos. Although some of these videos are focused on the soft core end of the porn industry, like stripping, teasing, and masturbating, you also get your fair share of hardcore fucking, anal sex, double penetration, orgies, threesomes, and girls who skillfully like to play with sex toys. You will soon get to have fun with girls like Amy, Lili, Nikky, Olivia, Paris, Katja, and many more. The girls are all sumptuous and lavish, so it might be quite difficult to choose favorite, so just sit back and enjoy.

Quick Resume

I love how these mega sites incorporate a lot of content into their network. The chains of individual porn sites that feature the hottest of girls essentially add a nice and light touch to it. I also like how the sites are a mixture of hardcore and soft core acts. The video count seems high, thanks to the daily updates (or multiple updates, if you are lucky). That goes around for photo galleries and what is inside them, in essence. Both videos and photos are in high definition and hi resolution, respectively and consequently. So if you are a guy who cannot really grasp on a certain focused niche, then this site is totally recommended for you.

You basically get a 40 in 1 kind of thing going on. You are going to enjoy every single bit of it because it does not focus solely on one niche, it tackles others just as well. You’ll be aware of all the details once you decide to be a member but just to heavily assure you, I am going to say that I totally recommend this piece of heaven right here. You not only get amazingly gorgeous ladies, but really great sexual activity, ranging from being soft core to a raging hardcore. Get that dick ready because it will be damn well exhausted once you finish each and every of the videos this mega site has to offer. Well, if you finish.

The site is no longer updated. Enjoy a similar network HERE

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