Real Girls Gone Bad

Real Girls Gone Bad


The RealGirlsGoneBad is a really exciting softcore porn site. It features hundreds of different cuties, who are having a great time partying and enjoying themselves. If you like this type of porn, you will certainly enjoy what the site offers. The videos are shot in good quality, the pictures are sharp, and what else would you want? It can’t be highlighted enough that this is a real site, there are no fake party, no reality-porn, on real girls gone bad in the heat of the party.

Design & Features

The RealGirlsGoneBad has a nice website. It features the list of the videos, and if you are just taking the tour, you can watch a few trailers. But, you should know that you can register without paying a dime, and if you are inside, you can watch more trailers and even a full video is offered for you. You only need to get a full membership, if you think so, it might worth it. The members’ area has the same layout as the tour. On the top of the page, you can see the heading with the logo of the site. Also, the search bar is located, there. Now this search engine is really basic: it’s only capable of searching with specific keywords.

All content has categories tags, and these are the same keywords that the search engine can recognize. If you are listing all videos you can choose the order: most recent, oldest or most popular listed first. Another filtering option is to click on the tags; if you do so, you will only see those videos that have that category. On the RealGirlsGoneBad you get an unlimited access to the videos, though it’s a streaming-only site. The videos are available for in-browser viewing only, but they are provided in the best possible quality. Streaming is not easy, but the site has a surprisingly good stream, and even the longer videos will load fast, and you can enjoy them without lagging.

After a few minutes usually all videos are loaded, so you can jump forward if you want. It’s a joy browsing the galleries. You get loads of options to make it more comfortable. If you wish, you can sit back and set up a slideshow. Those who prefer their own speed can use the navigation buttons to go forward of backwards. You can watch the pictures full screen. If you want to get a closer look on a detail, you can use the window on the upper left corner. You can choose the scale of enlarging, and then use your mouse to go the area you want to inspect.

Girls & Videos

The girls on the RealGirlsGoneBad are really hot ones. The most tempting thing about them and about the site is the fact that there are plenty of them, and they are not actresses. It’s not a reality-porn site, so you won’t find here pornstar acting like it was just another party, and you shouldn’t expect heavy hardcore sex ruining the party. You will find here mostly natural cuties, with various body types and different sizes. The girls are mostly sorted into categories, and their hair color, body type or breast sizes also server as tags to organize the content. You will notice that the girls here are really amateurs, and the parties are also real. Among the chicks, you can find brunettes, blondes, redheads and black haired ones too.

It’s not really possible that you can see the same girl appearing more than once, though if a party’s footage is cut into two, you might get the feeling that you saw some the girls elsewhere. The RealGirlsGoneBad is a good place for those who are looking for natural girls. If you care to look at the girls for real, you will certainly see that these are the kind that could live next door, and you didn’t ever noticed how hot they are. The videos of the RealGirlsGoneBad are really varied, and there are multiple series featured on the site. The first type you might come across is the Bar Crawl. These movies are shot during parties that turn into wet nude parties at one point. In the Bar Crawl flicks you can see girls going really wild, stripping their clothes of, dancing naked… and if they are totally mad, they could even suck some cocks if there is any in the vicinity. Very similar things take place in the Party Frolics series too.

The second important series is the Wet T-Shirt competition. These are more organized videos, because the competitions really happen, they are not held only because there is a guy with a camera. In this series multiple girls get on the stage. They get a T-Shirt (the club provides it usually) and they get it wet. Now the real fun begins when they are asked to perform various tasks, and at some point it turns into wet naked wrestling or cunnilingus acts. There are also videos that feature hardcore sex. The Sexy Shoot series for example, features not just nude modeling, but there is also masturbation and vaginal penetration taking place. At this time, the site offers 244 videos to the members, and they are all really exciting some are longer (over 20 minutes) than the others, but it’s quite certain that you will find most them to be really hot.


The RealGirlsGoneBad is a pretty good site, which offers the members a neat collection. Though some may frown because there are ‘only’ 244 videos on the site, but they shall consider the length of the videos too. Another big strength of the RealGirlsGoneBad is the photo gallery, which offers high quality standstills from the heat of the party. It’s a unique and surprising feature that you can register without paying for trial or credit card validation fee. Once you are inside you can watch trailers, and as a bonus, you can watch a full video too; all of this is free of charge.

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