Real Live Guys

Real Live Guys

The Site

RealLiveGuys offers hot and sexy live cam show featuring… you guessed it, real live guys. The shows are regular, varied, and there are literally thousands of cam models to choose from. RealLiveGuys is a sure stop for anyone, guy or girl, who is into watching hot men show off on cam, just for you.

Site Features

The site opens with a sleek white background, giving the site a minimalistic and professional feel. The colours used on the site don’t distract or detract from the main attraction: all of the hot guys doing live cam shows. The site is easily navigated, with a search bar to look for specific things, and links to pages of the newest models, support and the member’s area. In the sidebar, there is a list of categories such as ‘daddy’, ‘couple’, ‘guy next door’, ‘BDSM’. Each category is a clickable link that navigates the user to a list of models that fall under these criteria.

If you are a frequenter of the site, there is also a useful ‘Recent Chats’ link that shows the most recent models who’s shows you have visited, allowing you to find favourite cam boys again and again. A nice feature of the site is the very detailed bio that is linked above each model’s thumbnail. The bio includes lots of interesting information that goes above and beyond simply ‘height’, ‘eye colour’ and ‘cock size’. To help stimulate conversation and to let users really feel like they can get to know a model, there is information listed like their zodiac sign, their kinks, their body type, and much more, even down to the minute details like how much body hair they have.

Even if the model is offline, the site encourages users to maintain contact, by offering the user to send the model a message, and listing ‘similar’ models in the sidebar, showing off a variety of talent so you are never disappointed. Each model has pictures, normally semi-nude, showing off their body type that you can browse at your leisure. These galleries help give the user an idea of the model’s physique and other attributes and helps the user decide if this is the type of show they want to watch. Featured on the model’s bio page is a comments section, where viewers of their cam shows can leave starred reviews and comments, allowing for a real community feel to the site.

The Content

RealLiveGuys has a wide selection of almost 2,000 active cam models registered on their site. On average you will find between 19 and 30 models performing live shows at any one time, providing plenty of variety in body type, age and content to suit every user.  With a strong internet connection of around 200kbs, you can stream the shows at around 22fps, which minimised unnatural and jerky movements, helping immersion with the show.

The majority of the cam models on RealLiveGuys are 19-25 year old Eastern European men. However, this doesn’t mean there isn’t a variety of age, ethnicity or time-zone available on the site, as there are plenty of older users, and models from the US as well as India and other South East Asian countries. By taking a show private, you engage in a cam to cam chat with the model, and can ask them to do specific acts or say specific things. For those few minutes, they are all yours. All of the content to be found on RealLiveGuys is 100% exclusive and varies day by day and from model to model.

Quick Resume

RealLiveGuys is a fun and flirty live cam site that offers some of the hottest models to be found online. With a great variety of models and an easy to navigate website, it’s extremely user-friendly and value for money.