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Real Orgasms

The Site

The RealOrgasms is one of those solo sites where you can watch gorgeous porn stars masturbating, kind of having a “me” time, instead of getting drilled. At first glance, one would say that it’s sure there are no real orgasms here, but they would be quite surprised. Solo porn is a strange bird in this industry because some people find it boring and not too exciting. However, we know from experience that sites with solo action are popular, and there are guys out there who simply love to watch girls making themselves happy. So, the RealOrgasms is up for a review, and though we like solo videos, the site on its own wouldn’t make it this far… the background, however, is what makes it a worthy addition to your porn sites’ list. As far as this portal’s history go, we deciphered that is launched back in 2006, and it had regular updates for almost two years.

The deal the RealOrgasms offers is a very good one. Apart from its nice compilation, it grants you access to one of the largest online porn networks: The RealityKings. We believe this network doesn’t need an introduction, but to be sure, we give you some info for you. The RealityKings has been in the porn industry for more than 10 years. The first sites of this company first appeared in 2006, and the RealOrgasms was one of the first ones. Since the beginning, the RealityKings aimed to provide the best hardcore, mostly reality-style porn for the audience. A lot changed since the beginning, there were changes in the company, in the studios, but one thing remained the same: they still make great porn, and they always stay on top of the list.

Every video ever made by the RealityKings is exclusive, and you can watch and download them from only the network’s sites. As a member of the RealOrgasms, you gain access to every video every created by this company – except for the ones in the SnapLeaks, the GF-themed porn network of the RealityKings. So, you gain access to some exclusive hardcore porn, that’s one part of the bargain. The another significant element is the update schedule: there are usually 2 updates throughout the network each day. These updates happen mostly on the most popular sites, but many of the RealityKings sites have their own schedule (bi-weekly, monthly, etc.) and only a few, like the RealOrgasms, are closed. The counter of hardcore porn the network grants you will soon hit the 10,000 mark, so it’s a robust compilation… and you get it all for one website’s membership fee. Apart from the RealityKings content, you are also granted access to live video feeds (chat), and personal ads.

Site Features

The home page of the RealOrgasms is simple, and it follows the style of the main RK site. As you open it up, you will see that it’s RealityKings website, and for most guys, that’s the real seller. However, you can take a few seconds to view the pictures on the home page and decide what to do next. Signing up will prove to be a good choice of action. We have seen some people reading about navigation issues in the members’ area, but we didn’t have too hard time with finding our favorite porn niches. The content is carefully tagged, and apart from the categories list, there is a search engine implemented which understands keywords, and names. And, there is always an option to list only one site’s content, so that makes it much easier. The girls have a profile page, so if you fancy someone, you can check out her previous or even the most recent works.

You can watch and download on the RealOrgasms. You might find the streaming option suitable if you want to preview the shots, or you don’t want to store porn on your hard drive. For downloading these videos, the site offers MP4 and WMV files, with different quality settings. Now, HD fans won’t be too crazy, because the videos are old… but on the main network, they can enjoy some Full-HD porn too. Photo galleries are provided, they can be viewed in the browser, or saved as zip archives.

The Content

Since the RealOrgasms is one of the RealityKings’s sites, you can expect mostly professional models here, who appear in hundreds of videos throughout the RealityKings network and at other sites. Some of them really have orgasms, but the orgasms here mostly will be yours, which you can reach by shaking your shaker as you watch the hot models masturbating for the camera. Their appearance is something to mention because they are looking truly great. There are fresher girls with tight, real bodies, which hadn’t been modified yet, so they are still intact and natural.

A number of models here have great bodies, and they don’t seem to worry about showing it to the horny audience. The videos follow the same line: the girls talk a bit about themselves in an interview session, then they take off their clothes, warm up and start to please their body. In most cases, they get straight to the nasty stuff, and after a few minutes of fingering, they get a dildo and make that orgasm happen. As you will see some of them go off more than once in these 20-25 minutes long scenes.

Quick Resume

Though the RealOrgasms isn’t a huge portal its videos are quite fine. The models look great, and they really seem to enjoy having some time with themselves… and the camera guy, and the crew. Well, never mind. Since you gain access to the RealityKings network, joining is actually a kind of a must-do. The price is right and it’s a real bargain, all things considered. Those who are already members of the RealityKings, should visit the RealOrgasms from the members’ area, and take a look.

This site does not exist anymore, enjoy our best premium porn sites collection!

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