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One of the best European porn sites, Russian Fake Agent brings us POV style porn videos with amateur girls getting fucked and played in front of the camera. These euro porn videos are basically what you can expect during the casting process. However, the exciting part is that these rising stars didn’t expect that they’d become porn stars in an instant in these European xxx scenes.

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Site Features

For the information of everybody, Russian Fake Agent is part of the Private network and was launched on April 2014. Knowing that this rising porn site is part of the Private network most probably explains why it has an excellent user interface. If you are an avid fan of European porn, you’ll most likely notice that almost all sites that belongs to the Private network has a pretty good user interface and website design. The site is easy to navigate and easy to use. Everything that you basically need to see is all in the members’ area. This is a convenient way to showcase the contents of the site and tell its members what’s in store for them without wasting a lot of time and effort jumping through different sections of the site.

The site is also tidy and neat. Unlike other porn site, Russian Fake Agent does not have too much clutter across the site like advertisements and the likes. Another thing that I like is that the site has different means of sorting and filtering the contents. Like for example, you can sort or filter the videos according to the most recent videos. If you like, you can also sort it according to name or title. You can also view the most popular videos only. Aside from all those things, they also make use of pagination, search tags and search bars.

The navigation of the site is also easy to use and can easily be located which is on the upper most section of the site. Here you can find the links, which will take you to the different areas of the site like the homepage, the model index and some bonus features of the site. One of the site features that I find unique among other porn sites is that it has an option to change the language. They have a bunch of European languages that you can choose from. If you are not European and you do not understand any European language, you can also switch to English language for your convenience. Subtitles are also available if you wish since it’s pretty much difficult to switch the audio of the videos.

There are already around 23 videos in the site’s collection. Each of these videos is 30 minutes long. The videos are shot in a way that the male actors are also the one holding the camera. So by that, you can tell that the videos are POV style. Unfortunately, this type of shooting style of videos doesn’t come along with photo sets because there’s no one to take pictures. Moving on, the videos can be streamed and downloaded just like other sites.

Apart from these awesome features and contents, the site also gives you access to 12 other bonus sites if you sign up for a membership with them. All these 12 sites are also part of the Private network so you can expect that these sites are indeed a bunch of high-quality and worthwhile contents in addition to what you can get from Russian Fake Agent. The best thing about it is that these sites come from different niches and different specialties so you won’t be glued in a single style only.

The site has a good Flash Player that allows you to choose from the following resolutions: 480p, 720p and 1080p. On the other hand, if you want to download the videos, you can select from the following resolutions without limitations: 480p, 720p, and 1080p. In addition to that, the site also has a file format compatible with mobile devices. The site is also compatible for mobile viewing. What you see from the desktop version including all its features is the same thing that you can expect on your mobile devices.

The Content

The girls featured in the videos are all very charming that behind those sweet eyes, you don’t really expect them to be wild and naughty in front of the camera. They are all a bunch of horny sluts that are asking for a spotlight in the porn industry by going through this casting process, little did they know that they’re already instant porn stars the moment the camera rolls. There are a variety of beauties that you can expect here but when it comes to the level of professionalism, you cannot expect that these girls are more than the amateur level. However, I think with their skills, passion and the level of their horniness, these girls will most likely go places. I’m pretty sure a lot of horny guys are wishing these girls to end up in their couch and give them those mouth-watering blowjobs that they perform in the videos. Despite their amateur level, these girls also know how to take in charge of a rough sex.

With regards to the authenticity of the scenes, I’m not sure if these are 100% staged or to what extent these scenes are scripted. However, what I do know is that these scenes are 100% exclusive and they are all in high quality. Most of the scenes start with the girl introducing herself to the “so-called” cameraman. Then after a few introduction, the girl slowly undress and that’s when the exciting things happen.

Quick Resume

Russian Fake Agent definitely has a good spot in European porn. The website well represents the genre and leaves a good impression to its users. I would definitely keep on coming back because of the excellent user interface. Plus, the site’s contents are also a good find. These are also rare because of its exclusivity. And who would forget the gorgeous models that it has? With a cheap membership, I highly recommend Russian Fake Agent.

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