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Sapphic Lovers

The Site

Lesbian porn is something that is greatly searched for in the porn universe and it is not really hard to see why in the first place – what kind of man (or woman) would not want to see two or three (or maybe even four or five) women getting it on with each other in a hot, steamy sexual experience. By now, I am sure that by reading this, it already is giving you a hard on. Do not fret, because you are not alone. Question is, with how vast the porn world is, how sure are you that you are going to land yourself a proper and a worthwhile lesbian porn site that is obviously worth every penny in your pocket? The vast world of porn is home to almost a thousand other lesbian porn sites who promise you and me great quality scenes and movies but with no way of finding out for ourselves in the first place, how sure can we be anyway?

First of all, if I were to describe a perfect lesbian adult site, I would go above and beyond the number of videos they host. I would love a site that brings out the best quality and the best productions. Sadly, I always had sort of a bad luck landing one before. Until I came face to face with ExtremeMovieCash’s SapphicLovers and all the heavenly things they behold. You would think that just because this porn site features only women, it would be less raunchy and erotic but man, oh, man are you wrong on that account. Women do not necessarily need men to feel good and to feel pleasure and as much as I do not like admitting that, when facing something like kinky and lewd lesbian sex, I would like to set that thought aside and enjoy the delicious sexual mishap happening in front of me or on my screen.

SapphicLovers has been around since November 2014 and with almost 3 years on the scene; you will love the fact that they have quite the content count and a great quality to be proud of. There are a lot of things to do in the site and I am sure you will enjoy and be entertained for the heck of it, anyway. It is clear that this amazing site will bring out the best of lesbian porn and everything in on here is definitely worth checking out.

Site Features

SapphicLovers has a basic website design going on and it looks perfectly minimalistic and very easy on the eyes. White background, grey and black fonts, and the pink borders successfully bring out the theme of the sites. It looks feminine as it is and fits perfectly with the genre. Because of its simplistic component, element, and detail, you are sure to be fixed on concentrating on the entirety of the content that the site offers its members. The navigation is greatly simple and basic, as well. User interface is the very user friendly and all the available links are found right on the top right of the site, approximately next to the site’s logo.

Under that, you will see a slideshow of photos which consists of the latest uploads and updates that the site has come up with in the past few days. Click on any of these and it will prompt you right away to the corresponding videos. Below that, you will see other things that are rightly identifying the porn site as it is and this includes a little description of what you will find inside like it having HD videos, a variety of live cam shows (but you will have to pay extra for that, like all other live cam shows from the same network), the amazing bonus sites the network also manages, the new updates, and the hi res movies they offer. Under that is the bevy of video thumbnails that you can always click on to be navigated to the corresponding videos.

Most of the videos that are found in the main page are usually the latest uploaded ones. You can find the remaining other videos in the Movies page, which you can access by clicking on the ‘Movies’ button right on top where you can find the menu tab. Along with the movies button, you get the home button where you can immediately access the main page, you also get the girls button where you can access the model index. The model index is where you will find information about the girls – their photos, their names, and their short biographies. The site can also give you the right to rate the scenes, put comments on them, and add them to your favorites. Even with a lack of proper browsing tools, it still is pretty easy to move your way around. You can sort the videos using the filtered tags content. Along with your membership, you have complete access to other sites for free that are under the same network.

The Content

The women of SapphicLovers are deliciously lewd and lascivious and they are not afraid to show it to everyone. They engage in hardcore lesbian sex with a whole a lot of punch. Each scene is filmed, and can be viewed and watched in an in-browser method using an embedded flash player or you can also download them and save them in your device in MP4 format. Resolutions available for both in-browser and downloads are at 1920 x 1080p or at 1280 x 720p. There are around 100+ videos in the site. Unfortunately, no photo sets are available in SapphicLovers but they do give out a decent amount of video caps. No download limits are known. 

Quick Resume

SapphicLovers is something with great potential. With the quantity and quality it gives to their subscribers, you will not be regretting your time here any time sooner.

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