Sarah Jessie

Sarah Jessie

The Site

Many people all over the world enjoy viewing porn done by various porn stars. It is a really rare thing when an entire porn website focuses on one particular model. When I first visited this site, boredom was the first thing that came to my mind. It has been a while now and I still visit the website like it is the first time.

Sarah Jessie just makes everything come to life. Maybe I am attracted to her but I do not think that is the reason. She captivates me in what she does in the videos. To break the monotony, she has featured other porn stars to liven up the action and make every video more memorable every day.

Site Features

After putting in the URL thus giving me access to the homepage of Sarah Jessie, I was very intrigued by the friendly and welcoming home page. To gain access to the site, all the visitors are required to sign up first. The signing up process only takes a few minutes and before you know it, you are through. I find this as a good marketing strategy used by the management because it lures new visitors to the site to sign up first before they even have a clue of what the site is all about. Once I gained access, though, I was mesmerized by the images and the sexy scenes in there.

The colors used were very good and also the font was more laid back depicting a relaxed mood that was present in the site. There are several icons that help navigate the site more easily and they are all laid out so well on the homepage and the member’s area page. The site also has the Inclusion of a search engine which has brought everything together and made it livelier and easier to navigate. Hence, navigation has been made easier just like taking a gulp of water. The site has no congestion of videos and images and everything is laid out well in an organized manner.

The Content

The site has a very impressive collection of videos although it is difficult to ascertain the exact number. The videos found here are downloadable but only in two formats. They can be downloaded in MP4 format 5000k, (1280×720). If you are one who enjoys streaming your porn live, well, they have that feature as well. Through an embedded flash player, you can watch the videos online at 1200×720. To go together with the videos, Sarah Jessie has also photo galleries that hold about 150 images in each gallery.

The photos are downloadable as zipping folders. Many of the scenes found in the site are exclusive. There seems to be regular updating taking place at this site. More so, there are updates logs which show you prove of how often the site does its uploading of new material. In a particular video that I can remember, Sarah Jessie was engaged in a lesbian scene with a particular purple haired girl. There was intense pussy licking and playing with toys. I cannot get enough of two girls hooking up in a lesbian scene. The two have crazy tattoos which increase the sexual appeal for both of them. I wouldn’t mind having the both of them in my bed at any time.

Quick Resume

Sarah Jessie bears it all for us in this site and I love every minute of it. The bonus sites that come with the package increase the appeal for the site and are the main reason why I keep renewing my membership. Great content shot in great quality and for that, I recommend the site.

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