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Public sex is not something that you see everyday and not something you see in general, in most sense. Often times, when you see sexual activities in public, these are mostly frowned upon because in actuality, our brains were made to believe that such lasciviousness should only happen privately. Well, people like us are open minded but some people have closed their doors when it comes to that raunchy topic. Then again, it would be a different sight altogether if we see these hardcore actions in the flesh, ever so willingly and ever so excitedly. I do not really care for live performances but when you throw in a little bit of naughty and a whole lot of scandal, I might just lend you my ears, my eyes, and the rest of my body.

This is exactly why I love ScandalOnStage and the moan inducing goodies it brings to the table. Never have I heard of live sex shows and getting acquainted with this site right here is the first time I did. Supposedly, these “sex shows” are happening live somewhere in Europe and they actually work as live performances. Meaning, people would have to buy tickets and get supplied with the dates, the time, and the location. As to the “when, where, and what” question, only those people who have the right leaked information would know about that. If I do get any 410 on the matter, I will be informing you guys, as well. As for now, we inexperienced humans would have to settle with the digital version and its positives; after all, the digital version is not half bad.

Actually, it is something that oozes with potential and great content. ScandalOnStage is managed by ExtremeMovieCash and has been around for almost three years. With that gap, expect a lot of content and even more. You get a guy and a girl getting it on even with their clothes on, fucking and sucking in the process. You get lesbian sex in the most delectable situation. You get to see a girl gaping as two men penetrate from both behind and in the front. You see the usual one on one fucking, this time naked. There is so much happening in one live setting and boy are you going to be ecstatic that the makers and event planners decided to capture each and every single moment of the live show on camera. This is why ScandalOnStage exists and they bring out really good quality versions of the event on film so you can watch the moment over and over again.

Site Features

ExtremeMovieCash has a way of making their website designs fascinating and highly relatable to the corresponding niche and genre their porn site has. They do not go all out but they do put trinkets and such that will depict the site as it is. This is the same case for ScandalOnStage and I was right – this particular porn site right here is the epitome of fun and entertainment and that is what exactly EMC is trying to portray right here. The website design for SOS is something that fun loving people would definitely find interesting and appealing. With its funky looking background (consisting of cutouts and photos of naked, adventurous girls) streaming behind the pop of differently colored fonts and the bevy of fun looking stills, video caps, and professionally taken photos.

The links are found right on top of the page, just below the site’s banner that looks really retro and disco-like. The menu bar consists of the home page button, generally there to take you to the main page as you desire. Next to it is the photos button and it obviously is going to take you where the photos are. Next is the movies button where you can find the numerous scenes that are available for watching. Then come the bonus sites, and the member’s log in page. Typically, the latest uploads they have put up on the site will most probably end up in the main page and will be stringing along each other right below the menu bar. All these scenes are dated and titled but no description is available for any of the videos. The site has no advanced search bar but you can sort the videos out using filtered tags located a little below the menu bar.

The site definitely needs more browsing tools especially for the fact that they have quite the number of content but that really is not much of a problem, in the first place. SOS has around 200 photo galleries as we speak and these can be viewed in slideshow in your browser. No zip file download is available, though. The site lets you do tons of stuff like rating and commenting on videos. There is no model index but this is because there are too many girls and guys involved.

The Content

With more than 200 videos and more than 200 photo galleries, it is hard to keep track with how many girls and guys are listed in this gigantic site. All I know is that these fellows right here are of European descent and they love a good fucking or two. Or maybe even three. Either way, the live show and the digital playback will feature the same things; only, we get really hi res photos and high definition playbacks.

All the scenes taken are straight from the event itself, as well as the photos. The videos usually last for 8 minutes or less. There are two options to view each scene and that is either by watching it in browser or download it in the most available format. Most scenes are in high definition but the older ones tend to have lower specs, but still decent.

Quick Resume

With a fun and exciting porn site like this, being derived from an actual event, meaning everything is candid and all, it’s hard to say no and look away. This is why I am recommending ScandalOnStage to you guys. It is certainly worth the look and the time.

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