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Raw and unabridged is what turns most people on, and finding such content on the internet is difficult, due to the many sites which deal with content of a more written nature, where action seems to be well planned, yet terribly executed, or vice versa, the result of both being terrible. That is why you should turn to Self Shot in order to get the kinkiest selfies that girls take and are willing to share with the rest of the world.

Site Features

The home page of this site is designed with taste, so that when you get to it, you will actually love what you see. The background is black and gray, with objects carved into it, or it would seem like they are carved, mostly containing the logo of the site, and words such as nice tits, along with other, provoking material. Well, that is the first thing that a person would notice, if not for all the previews of the photos of naked girls, everywhere on the page, getting you to click and join without a second of time lost. The site is also designed so as not to take your attention or your time with needless things like silly eye candy or lag. Nobody likes lag, and I praise the site’s designers on such optimization. Surfing the pages is a real pleasure, and even more so on the mobile devices. Yes, the site is actually optimized and working as well as on the desktops and laptops, showing great customer care.

The Content

Now the photos on this site do vary, and mostly because of the members, because all the girls themselves are different, and pose in different ways, with more or less clothes on them, depending on their kinkiness and general attitude towards teasing. Though I must say that it is easy to be aroused while looking at their photos, simply because they are marvelously cute, and very good looking. Sizzling hot bodies await you on the site, of girls who are not shy to pose without clothes and place those photos online. Likewise, you would be surprised to see that they actually have very normal profiles, otherwise, it is only on this site that they go wild and share with us their nastier photos, without clothes, while they are touching themselves and posing while or before having an orgasm. Trust me, it is very easy to be turned on just by simply looking at the photos, their innocent eyes, all the while their boobs are right in front of the camera, their pussies wet, being touched by their fingers. Yes, getting an orgasm is no problem here, as you will have a lot of different girls to look at, all of them with different styles when it comes to taking photos. Some of them pose in their bikinis, while others do it without a bra, and the most hardcore do some kinky things with toys, and even more. The best thing about it is that you can use your imagination to finish the scenes that you have seen. Likewise, sharing your photos with them is also an option, and one that you will actually enjoy, probably the most.

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Get aroused and have your orgasm with this site, and for a cheap fee, no less. Photos are being added daily, and you have the option to add your own, if you would like to share them. It is a nude girl paradise on Self Shot, and you should not miss out on the fun.

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