The Site

They say that sharing is caring, so that is why some girls like to share their man with another girl and make a lovely threesome. The threesomes are even lovelier when they are captured on camera and uploaded to a site. This site is called ShareMyBF and it has high-quality threesome content with two girls and a lucky guy. Expect hardcore sex, anything from pussy fucking to straight up cumshots and cum swapping.

Site Features

This site is full of things that can make you smile so, when I arrived at the home page, I was more than just pleasantly surprised to find that it is full of previews. I was overjoyed, and not just for the fact that I was taken straight to the content from the first moment I was on the page, but for the design and the browsing. From the first look that you cast at the site, you can already notice that it has a modern, optimized design, one that will not take time away from you over silly things like ads. The site has two buttons, the only two that you need, one taking you to the members’ area and another to the joining page.

The joining page button is easy to spot as it is yellow against a navy blue and white background. Below, as you scroll, you can see a bunch of previews, organized in rows of thumbnails. The site also has good optimization, something that you can see when you go to the mobile version of the site. Oh, sure, the optimization is also noticeable on the desktop version, but only if you pay attention to the fact that everything loads really quickly. After you join, you are taken straight to the content, no time lost on anything other than the videos and photos that await you inside.

The Content

The content area is great, too. You have the videos sorted according to a few criteria and you also have the ability to search using some of the tags, each video having plenty of those. Since the site deals with threesomes, you should expect to see two girls and a guy in every single video. They do have a variety of girls on the site, from blondes and brunettes to redheads and girls with pitch black hair. Their bodies are hot and very good looking, some more muscular some less, all with amazing proportions. The girls are also very passionate, from the moment they start their undressing, to the last second of the cumshot.

Pussy fucking, anal sex, blowjobs, the site has them all, as well as two women per video, so you know that you are in for a good ride. You currently have around 25 videos, but since this is a new site, that is not so strange. With more videos on the way, you shouldn’t worry, as you also have free downloads of those videos, in the MP4 format, as well as the photos, in the ZIP format. The site also provides you with 12 more sites, all from the same network, the famous Mofos network.

Quick Resume

This is a grand site and you should visit it the first time you get a chance. The site has a lot of hot women who love fucking one another, as well as the lucky guys that are a part of those threesomes. Pussy fucking, blowjobs, anal, the site has it all, so go and visit ShareMyBF if you want to be surprised in all the good ways.

Membership Price

Trial Price Monthly Price Yearly Price
 $1.00  $29.99 $119.99 – $9.99/Mo.